Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine day vs Eating day

Take your time
my story after this will unlock
the title above..

Yesterday should be a regular day
as I went to town to make a few important thing to do
It was 8 in the morning when I actually kind of 
follow my friend just to get to town

but it seems that my appointment went really fast and 
In a blink of an eye I don't have anything to do
Then a friend asked me to follow them..
Then there we are wondering at the town for hours
on a Valentine Day 
Valentine Day is the day where Angry Birds is not angry xp
Anyway, there picture is just a dull decoration for this entry ahha
We go into the core part of the day that is not shopping, dating or anything
it is just about EATING haha that's right 
eat and eat and eat
It was 5 times actually

The first meal was a kon lo mein (if the spelling is not wrong) as my breakfast
Then the second one is roti canai where I accidently eat it while waiting for y friend
then the third one is the Chicken Rice not that delicious but still the smell is so tempting
The fourth was the fried banana with cheese and brown sugar and it was the best among the others that
I ever tried. Located at Indo cafe Tawau or something like that
and the last is at the newly opened restaurant Taste Two the new one located at the area of Tawau Giant,
Hokkien style Udon .. or something like that..
nice place, look expensive but still affordable, regular price like the old branch
 anyway, this entry is just for me to tell what i eat nothing more :)

don't get angry and read still 
because it just me mumbling about food
" the most precious gift God ever give you is a friend, Valentine with friends is a blessing, 
more fun than with your partner only, like the old saying, the more the merrier, appreciate them"

ok.. stop browsing.. have your meal already ;)
bye.. God bless