Thursday, July 29, 2010


He2.. bonne nuit mes amis. aujourd'hui.... je veux dire a certain de mes aimer uns les..=)
hier, mon amour me dire qu'elle m'aime encore. alors.. elle me pose une question...
je dis que je ne pleure jamais.. oui il est vrai.. mais... mon ya quelque chose que je ne pas jamais.. je ne peux reposer pendant une nuit ne pleure pas.. les lendemain.. je pleure jour et la nuit mon amour.. je t'aime toujours... il juste que je peux dire que c'est fort.. mais mon amour Je t'aime...

Sunday, July 25, 2010


lol.. what to say .. dunno..
i'm too tired already..
things seems going up and and...
but then the "best" part is .. that the bad thing is going to worst..
that heart and feeling is getting worst everyday i think..??
some people want to do anything that SHE think right..
but then think logically friend..
don't you ever know about living??
don't just live in your own life.. try the other... then you will know that it is not right what are you doing right now ..
mouth.. ??
we should care for what we are saying.... better watch you mouth...
and saying bout myself..
just busy with some convo... and i'm really sorry that i can't help my classmate...
and sorry that i can't take care of that someone...hope i have that opportunity to have a good talk with you..=)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good Bye Granny

Hm.. i don't know what to say actually... She has gone... she went to a place...
FAR.. very far away... even I can't follow her anymore just like before...
her smile, her voice, her touch full of love, i will never forget it....
i never had a chance to say even good bye.... the last time i talked to her is just " bagus2 kau ah nek... sa tinguk ko nanti cuti" but then i will never see her again...never had a chance even to hug her. never had a chance to take care of you just like before. cannot give you some good meal just like before.. and not even have a chance to hear your story anymore.. Grandma I miss you so MUCH...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

i don't think..

i just wanna ask people, do time will heal everything? because i just don't really agreed with "everything". people say that when you made some people mad, the people will forgive you anyway, but then do it really2 work.?? then how about forgiveness? even though the people actually forgive the other long time ago, the other will never feel better actually. it just because when you don't tell then the other don't know what to do. i don't mean anyone actually but just myself. the only problem now is that i'm afraid. afraid to make wrong decision.. but i must try then,,,, somehow sometime... just to fix what I've broken, what I've destroyed. if i can just throw away my weakness....then i would just say sorry to some friend..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Maybe its my fault

Firstly, i would like to apologies to anyone that I have make them sad, mad or whatever it is. It is something that i can't bear it anymore that i can't even say to anyone. Now i'm kinda people that lose his FRIEND. Back then it was good to have them. But now, emptiness have come back in my very own heart. Its some pain that i couldn't show it to the others. And this emptiness continuously stabbing my heart. If i can just tell it to the world i will cry loudly through all the earth. Now they seems going far, far away that i could not hear their voices talking to me. If I can just cry like anyone else when they are sad rather than smiling and laughing... IF I CAN JUST CRY....IF..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

new SEM.....

it take me just now to write again.. hahahhahaha
owh.. new semester has begin and of course new life..
hahaha.. never though that this will happened.. a NEW life..
but then.. thanks for the memory and experience that OLD life give..
it is the lesson that i cant find it elsewhere..
And I wanna tell people that i wanna b just a friend
A friend that wanna help and care bout a friend..
hahhahaha and of course this moth will b a really busy month..
hahhahaa apriciate whoever read this all... :)