Saturday, July 27, 2013

Endure Life

lately, many thing happen in life..
mostly sorrow and bitter...
but then, no matter how much the sorrow or the bitter,
there will always be happiness that wash away all the things..

Friends, family and church
are things in my life that will always make me smile
although sometimes, there will be no smile but still,
they can always wash away my sorrow, my sadness away
my doubt and worries are flushed away
and the most important thing,,...

I feel love in the air .. :)
Good night .. :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Good things and bad things

well good morning
taking some time to update life
before making some lesson plan later on

well, lets go straight forward
the good thing is, 
there will be no more guilty 
and no more fake smile
Its have been settled 
and thank God for that

the bad things is..
friend got into trouble 
forgot to reply an easy message
the they got into trouble 
and I'm very sorry to that .. 
If you are reading this, 
let me treat you someday .. :)

well life must go on .. .
and life should be just once

because once is the pain we will able to bear.. :)

Good morning :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fate lies between the clouds

It somehow I managed to remember what I want to write last time
and yeah .. Its morning everybody....
It just the time setting in my blogger is not synchronized with my real time
but for real ? That doesn't seems to be a problem for me

looking back at the title,
nobody knows the future
even the future teller said they cannot see it clearly

we didn't really look at
"what to be in future and what to do right now"
but we should look at
"what to do now to make a better future"

indeed, it doesn't have any clear objective but just a fade motif
however, looking future and doing something to achieve that for some people are not applicable
people that live in poverty often doing this and failed a lot.
because what they should do is always undone because of their problems
living in a overwrought life too always failed peoples archiving their dreams

but doing what is "now" often make some people with efforts to live their dreams
doing the best in the live brings more opportunity for each diligent person
to live the life now and living to the fullest always make us better
and living like that brings the clouds away before the dreams of peoples

and people should know that fate doesn't really carved in our life, soul, or blood since we were born
fate is just where we were born, when we were born, how we were raised, and what obstacles that we face
there are no such things as born to be in heaven or to be in hell
we can always change fate.
Life is about cause and effect, yin and yang
all hardship today is chances for tomorrow's rainbow

So people fate do change if we are doing right things for better tomorrow

p/s: sorry if you readers don't know what i'm talking about

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Today ...

suddenly posting 2 update today...

Anyway, waiting for my friend to print his work this early morning,
I unwrap the present which we receive yesterday

both book seems very useful
winning the 2nd runner up for Innovation was quite a joy for me
and winning these books will help me learn the action research earlier

Well lets move on, 
after lecture, when to some counseling session
turn out, it was good and relieving 
some "things" were playing in my mind again
something long forgotten 
anyway, looking forward for my second session

Later this evening after sending some papers to the lecturer,
went to the cafe and watch the news
suddenly saw the aunt that I haven't see quite some times
and when I went to buy the drink,
she said that
"uncle will never joke with you, nor chat with you as his time is already come" 
listening those words addresses to me, I felt that she still miss him and suddenly
I feel very sorry to her as I can't say anything
the "condolence" word were so hard to be spoken
and I'm very sorry for that
All I can do is just pray and hope the best for him and his family
As today is the first day of fasting for the Muslims,
Wishing you a happy Fasting month :)

good night :)

Writing in the morning

It suddenly appear to me that I have to write this before I forgot about it :)
Last night or just now, I was dreaming a bad dream ...
although it was a good dream at the beginning
I was very scared to tell her that I broke her things.

A typical me,
broken something doing like nothing
but scared to death actually

well it turns out that is the only thing came out of the head..
but wait,
recently, I feel like I wanna get somebody
to talk with, to share with...
I just need that things..
because I don't recall being me.. :(

But then, I'll have this counseling session
with the counselor today ..
hope it will relief me a little bit

Well, went to toilet just now
and all the idea was gone
with all the "things" haha

Good morning :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

What If

What if today is my last day?

would you be good to me..? 
making sweet memories for me to bring along?

or painful reality to die with

well, make people happy even just for once, 
maybe tomorrow they are the one who make you happy
or pray for you 

I had this weird dream,
people dying around me, 
the best to do is nothing
because I feel I couldn't do anything,
but a dying person that time say this to me,
"Would you like to smile and make some of us happy?"
That brings a lot of goodness actually.. (in my dream)
they die peacefully
and in the purification, the one die peacefully
will make the other calm and peaceful 

a simple smile help a lot,
what IF you help them ...
It sure be better... :)

Make people happy although you may in pain,
because your reward is big in heaven :)

Night people :)

First time lapse.. lol

It been a while since I got the idea of time lapse..
but doing it was never easy.. manually ... even more difficult 
but moving on.. here is the product... 
needs more reading and practicing in future

is the picture moving.? if not.. click the picture or save it as .gif
have a nice weekend people.
Good morning.. :)

more are coming :P

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Long ago, my hobby is..

It been years,
as long as I can remember, 
I have wrote  a few story during my primary school
but then I don't know where did I put it

And during my secondary school, 
it  begin to fade, but still I managed to write some
but then, it happen again, 
I have no idea where did I keep it., 
Its like you keep a treasure without making the map
then for sure it disappear 

Writing was never too lame 
and never too bore
but time and commitment is something hard to gain

During my primary education, 
I myself managed to enter a Japanese Malaysia Education Road show
where my story and my painting is taken and displayed on the exhibition
and taken to the other school too...

Secondary education was just ordinary,
compete on a few contest but never won anything
but I never participate the school competition actually
only participate the non-school contest
Until my last year at the school, 
managed to write something for a writing contest,
but it turns to be a international contest among students around the Asian 
or something like that.
That is the point when I suddenly eager to write again
Listed as the consolation prize receiver,
I never feel like losing
Consolation is still a great work among the Asians

Then again, there were another international level contest coming,
I entered it and didn't win anything,
my friend Maegyvear and I however receive some certificate
and its international, well, it push up my co-curriculum a little bit that year

Well, summing up,
Writing need reading and reading make good writing
in many chances, the early writing is mostly the same with what we read
until times of writing the and reading, we will gain our own style or writing
the punchline is very important but writers frequently use hard words to be decoded. 
well in other words, difficult grammar to be understood by others.
In some case I do it too

Well, people, never give up on your writing,
Good luck :)