Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Reversing in time ^^

comment ca va?

^^ its in french 
saying good evening and
how are you?

recently i have found a few picture of mine in the old albums
My oldest picture(maybe) about 3 years old
4 years old

around 5 or 6 years old with my sister child's

With my older sister and brother and my nephews
There is many story during my childhood actually. But during that time, cameras are rarely capturing me. It is because I don't really like to be captured in moment. It is amazing to find my picture during primary because as long as I remembered, I Never had my picture captured. Maybe the candid one or in time I did not remember.

Looking back through the early years, curiosity is burning inside of me. Always "discovering" the cameras, calculators and many more that belong to my siblings. And it always end up broken. Always fixing something broken but then that time, I always did not manage to fix it.

Anyway, my childhood is amazing for me as now I recall many things that the ordinary children now are not doing anymore. my memories with my nephews, cousins and friends end up making me want to laugh again. And back then I was a small boy, I mean small. As for now, I may be 8-10 times bigger than that time. Again I repeat.. BIGGER.. ^^

By the way, the holiday is ending and many things had to be done and to prepare mentally and physically for another semester. I believe this will be a though and challenging semester to be face on. The update ends here^^ thank you for reading ^^