Saturday, December 24, 2011


A Merry Christmas to you readers
In this Christmas eve, 
I wish you a happy Christmas,
wish you will be inspired again, 
motivated, find a new meaning to live

Its season of greeting
I wish you all a very nice
Christmas =)

Monday, December 19, 2011

:: Moment to share::

Moment to share
Hello there readers
This time I'm gonna share some picture I took throughout the year
Yep, Some of it have been published
But I would like to share it again anyway

As a confession
all of the pictures below are
These are real
I just re-size it smaller 
so that I can easily upload these

Just click to see the full size picture
you can share or use these picture^^
tell my name if you don't mind 

Picture of bonfire

My campus panorama

An evening at my paddy field

Morning at my house
An eclipse
Place that make heal me a lot
View of Mt. Kinabalu
Morning view from the Hostel

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Super short entry ^^

Good Morning :)
God bless

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Fast Entry

A new fast entry..
just before I went to Church
Its about The Eclipse
Not the Twilight
The real eclipse..
long time ago I cannot make a clear picture
but with the camera I have now, it seems that I manage to take it :)

It was a very good night last night except for..
It rain all of sudden

anyway .. here is some photos of the eclipse

I hope that you readers enjoy watching it :)
Have a Happy Sunday..
God bless =)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Re: Unlocked your free mystery gift this Christmas

Am doing this entry to enter this competition

Kenapa Blog : Unlock Your Free Mystery Gift

I would like to tag a few person first,
(you know.. its her rule ==)
I pick these name randomly from my Dashboard

Darlene :: Ellye :: Zell :: Dora :: Lion

:: Meyl :: Sis Zalia :: May :: Claire ::

For the rules and registration .. please hit the 1st hyperlink

okay.. to the core :)


I wake up in the freezing morning
Chipping birds on the branches
Pleasure is in the air
the fresh smell
of happiness and fun

This heart longing for someone,
long lost family
long lost friend..
Memories they created
are memories that eternal

Season of greetings
Season of hope,
It is all about forgiving
and build up good bond
creating a hope for a better world

Love is always in the air,
When the Christmas come I'll tell you
a story of my life to be shared with other
inspiring the other
encourage somebody
the story about you

hugs and kisses
smiles and tears
laughter and cries
handshakes and bows
Happens in every corners of the world,

Hot chocolates or milk
Toasted or cookies,
Black and white
celebrating the festival
the fest of joy and salvation

Folks are praising God
Citizen are worshiping God,
The sound of redemption is jingling
Telling the world Its Christmas

Where hopes and loves are still alive
for the joy and happiness is coming into you
Merry Christmas =)

Join this too .. anyone who is reading this.. :)

p/s : I'll gather the courage again to say it :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A blessed Sunday

have a blessed sunday morning

hear this...

nothing much to share.. just


A new born chapel

a small new chapel that will be inaugurated
this coming Tuesday..

with the total people about 30 person only which mean just a family
they are strong
Their faith is absolute bold for me..
look at the chapel condition before they manage to get the above chapel

they managed to change this to the new one..

I pray and hope that this new chapel will be growing bigger
and bigger throughout time.

Let us Pray and Hope so that they will grow bigger and peoples will have faith in Him ^^....
God bless the world...
morning.. ^^
have a blessed sunday .. ^^

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Well A Good Morning.. :D

Good morning readers. :)

Picture I snap with the D5100 this morning

although I know that there will just a few of you :P
I hope you will have a good time.. :)

anyway, I just came back from the retreat
at Pertapaan Karmel

The Groto

It was great and of course..
it was and still....
and I feel blessed :)

my back..
it doesn't hurt anymore
thank God
I hope that I will manage to join this next year

And another thing,
miracle I sure :)
My relationship with other is going better
and I very loving it

The other story,
I MISS my friend very much

The One Voice..
I've made a video of them
I mean US

Here is the link anyway
just in case you would like to watch

Here is some photo that
I edited last week
when I'm very bored..
look, I publish it anyway hehehehe

The caption is original...
please.. mention my name if you use..
just kidding..
but it is really original... :)

Look like this is the end of this update,
if I have more time, I will try to make a better post.. :)

:: I believe in Lord, because I am healed ::

so soon readers

Thursday, November 24, 2011

100th post

will be away for some...
retreat.. means.. no internet...
no hp...
and all the IT related thing..
(maybe ==")

nothing special about my 100 th entry actually,
just some ...
its not that,

actually before I go,
I always want to tell you this..
Am very sorry,
for being

just to tell you..
its not who am I
It just me..
feels the


Its been a while..
We never bubble anymore
Its always bothered me...
a lot...

Because It is me.. alone
That can't do that thing..
while the others..
the can do it freely ..

I gathered strength
quite sometimes
just to write this entry

you know....

and i wanted to said it
from the very beginning..

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A taize song originally in spanish..
translated into english
enjoy.. ^^
here's the link anyway

Nada te turbe

Nada te turbe
Nada te espanta
Quien a Dios tiene
Nada le falta

Nada te turbe
Nada te falta
Solo Dios basta.


Nothing will disturb..

Nothing will disturb
Nothing scares you
God who has
Nothing is lacking

Nothing will disturb
Nothing you lack
God alone suffices.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bandura 2.0

PKP 3103..
sudah baca semua.. tapi lupa ni masa exam ..

terpaksa buat teori baru
Ni la ni lau kuat pelupa...
huraian da sa ingat semua.. sangat ingat ..
tapi nama tu teori ma kaedah ma cara ma ciri segala semua nda

nda apa .. nda rugi juga sa blajar semalam ...
ehehehhee biarlah ..
bisuk ada lagi . .
mo p main game lu ah .. ehehehe
papai.. :D

Saturday, November 12, 2011

All things have its own compliment
You feel GOOD because you've endure BAD
you LOVE because you've Experience HATE
You feel EMPTY because you've live in FRIENDSHIP
And there is something you need to think back
you *LIVE* because of *GOD*
What if You DON'T believe *GOD*..??

nite =)

* I don't quote.. I made it myself *


Friday, November 11, 2011

say it is me
and I will continue...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Age to Age

You gave me hope you made me whole at the cross.
You took my place you showed me grace.
At the cross where you died for me.


And his glory appears like the light from the sun
Age to age he shines look to the skies hear the angels cry.
Saying holy is the Lord.


You gave me hope you made me whole at the cross.
You took my place you showed me grace
At the cross where you died for me.

And his glory appears like the light from the sun.
Age to age he shines look to the skies here the angels cry.
Saying holy is the Lord.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tagged... @@

Introduction is....... (I copied it from the one who tag me Sanora)

First of all, let me explain a bit about this tagged stuff in blogging world. It's one of the idea to keep the traffic in any bloggers' site to keep rise up. It's more tolong menolong between the bloggers untuk upkan traffic dekat blog dia. This is not a bad idea at all. Kira, you guys can gain popularity among bloggers. Just imagine how much backlink you can get if makin ramai orang play this tagged stuff.

Enough with that. Now, here is the 11 things about me after being tagged. BUT before that, here are the rules to answer the questions:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
2. Answer the question tagger set for you in their post and create 11 more new questions for the people you
3. Choose 11 people to tag the post and link them to the post.
4. Lastly, go to their page and tell them you have tagged them. And please, no tag back ok T______T


These are 11 things about me.. ( I wonder why it must be 11)
1) I born late
2) 7th in siblings
3) I LOVE my stomach very much
4) I lost a brother
5) Long ago, I
had Achluophobia.. (scare of darkness)
6) By the way, I'm 20 but looks like 8..? ?(lol)
7) I love remote control car.. :D
8) I love photography
9) I own a DSLR that make me broke.. @@
10) I laugh a lot
11) I believe in " Miracle of Friendship" :D

Now.. answering the Lady Question....

1. How do you get inspired to start doing a blog? ( I watch people doing it )
2. Who is your favorite blogger? ( A friend of mine.. :D )
3. What is your hobby? ( Playing guitar/shooting(photo)/etc)
4. What is the best site to watch english's dramas online for free? ( What the... I don't know.. Fox.TV.. ? hehe)
5. What is the best love story you ever watched? ( Er.... I don't know .. Love Actually (the only love story i remembered))
6. Would you like to follow my blog (give me the reason)? ( Yup.. It have my face in it :D )
7. What would you like to eat at this moment? ( Hell yeah .. The "animal".. :D )
8. Do you know how to knit? ( Nope ( without knowing what knit actually mean))
9. What is your fashion sense? ( ordinary.. ( know nothing actually))
10. Where do you study? ( Class..?? )
11. Do you have a twitter account? ( I don't have.. but maybe soon)

now.. my Question

1. Do you like my blog? Justify
2. Who is your favorite singer?
3. What is your hobby?
4. What is the best site to watch English movie online for free?
5. What is the best movie you ever watched?
6. Would you like to be my friend ? Justify
7. What would you like to eat at this moment?
8. Do you know how to drink?
9. What is your 1st ambition?
10. Where do you study?
11. Do you have nice body? Justify

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


sa tcakap 1 ayat sama kau pun sa suka sudah ..^^

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I am O.K

ok already ..
everything have it price and limit

a high end product,
always begin with complex
methods of making...

it is same with our life,
i always high or moderate...
except for a few days before..
very2 low..

thanks to those who understand.. :D
anyway .. love my life..
nite.. :D

Monday, October 31, 2011

re: allyn pun mau buat giveaway sama follower n reader dia...:)

pada suatu hari(tune doraemon)
nda bah .. hahhaha
lepas 1 minggu lambat,
c mama pun kana hantar la p kelinik
apa yang lambat..?
si anak nda mau kaluar...

trus tu derisor(m.a) pun suruh p HQE
nda tau la napa.. sebab c mama blum beranak lagi lapas
mengandung 9 bulan 1 minggu
ho3. tapi sempat lagilah singgah di BANYAK tempat sebelum sampai di HQE
tu la kalau nama di rumah pun lain2...

lepas 9 bulan 1 minggu 1 hari, barulah ada baby yang malas mo keluar lahir...
pastu dia menjalani masa kicik dia dengan panggilan si pindik...(==")
sebab tem tu kicik dan pindik...
but then, in the early year 6, i get extremely bigger and taller then the other..
yup, sa besar awal....

pastu bila habis da SK Pekan Tenghilan,
guru besar sendiri p hantar satu surat yang "licih" bagi sa tem tu..
sebab sa teda pun isi borang ...XD
tapi "terima kasih cikgu" :D

trus sa ada 2 skolah menengah..
1. SMK Tenghilan (1 hari)
2. SM Sains Sabah (5 tahun)

tem skolah tu siok la..
dapat jumpa ramai kawan yang ada ramai gaya
eh.. silap banyak perangai.. :D
tapi antara yang sa paling suka si allyn la(kasi manang saya.. hahahaha)
sebab da slalu kasi tulung ni "adik" da. hheheh

tapi yang lain pun sa suka juga bah...
tapi sa malu mo sebut nama..hehehe nanti kedapatan.... eehehheehe
apa yang sa balajar sana.. maksud sa apa yang sa dapat...
1. "kawan2" datang dan pergi dalam hidup, tapi "KAWAN" datang dan tinggal dalam hidup
2. Life is short, jangan sesekali buat kerja yang dapat memendekkan lagi usia kamu
3. memory 2 Delta.. Sad and Pain is a mixture of the life..
4. buat baik dibalas baik, buat baik dibalas baik..(never do bad things)
5. youth is only once, never waste it :D
6. Learn. everything is good when you take it, it went bad when it give you bad effect .. XD
6. Proud of who you are.. :D
7. LOVE people around you... (hate don't exist)
(outoflist). friend is like hug, the longer we hug, the warmer is the hug

pastu sekarang sa rindu sudah mo skolah balik..
bercadang mau jadi m.a
walaupun banyak juga la tawaran sa...
kalau sa ambil tu dentist sa pun di Australia sudah sekarang. hahahha
tapi teda bah duit... trus tem mau jalan da p sarawak....
jeng3x datang plak misij dari 18500..
"tahniah anda dapat di tawau" bilang dia.. (lebih kurang la)

jadi disinilah sa sekarang.. manaip untuk c allyn..
sudah da sa siap taip yang lama tapi nda siok plak.. sekema ni lau yg dulu ... hahha
memBAsar dan Menua untuk 3 tahun lagi .>D:

ok habis pasal siapa diri kamu...
sekarang pasal cita2 dan harapan...
(itulah tlampau ikut skema pemarkahan)
1. Cita-cita...(semua yang pernah sa tulis dalam buku rekod
sek rendah sampai skolah menegah;
i) Bomba
ii) Askar
iii) Pilot
iv) Doktor
v) Polis trafik
vi) Tukang sapu (==")
vii) tukang gunting rambut (barber)
viii) Penoreh getah
ix) kaunselor
x) arkitek
xi) pelumba(0o)
xii) dentist
xiii) petani
pastu ni yang ada tem sa sekolah menengah saja
xiv) ahli falsafah
xv) father (religious)

hhhaaha last2 dapat yang langsung teda dalam list
nda apa... sa rasa ni la panggilan sa dalam hidup. .:D
tetap melayani dalam cara apa sekali pun

harapan sa..
" sa harap sa besar jadi doktor"
"sa harap sa buli jadi seorang yang penting dalam hidup seseorang yang lain"
"berbakti kepada komuniti"

sama sa selalu rindu kawan2 sa.. :D
bah kasi manang sa ah .. hahhaha
i miss you a lot.. ^^
(nevermind if i lose.. ^^)


i regret actually,
the last post i'm writing is
when I get all things in my head
(work, stress, problems.... a lot)
and then its almost burst,

never mind.. i'm okay already
managed to get control over myself..

Sunday, October 30, 2011


nothing just an "update"
thinking too much...
for the work is too much...

searching for some friend..
to talk with ...
but then..
everyone is busy...
they have the own thing too worry..


Its simply because all of you have it..

Friday, October 14, 2011

its untitled Friday.. :)
(what the.....)


i'm okay ...
with my secret locked in my heart

thats mean,... i can smile again.. :D

"You're really worthy in my life"

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Somethig you don't know

yup ..
ko nda tau pun ni ..
er..... teda pun yang tau sebenarnya.. :D

sebenarnya ... sa la power rangers.. XD
lol... bukan ...

ni la pesanan buat teman2..
copy paste jak .. jadi rajin la kunu update...
trus tukar2 ayat jadi sabahan skit la... XD

"...... suatu petang, saya nampak kau, penat betul muka kau , macam sedih ni, sa nampak semua masalah kau bila sa tinguk muka kau. tapi sa tau ko nda suka bila sa p kacau kau. Sorry, sebab sa nda pernah kasitau kau perkara yang betul, sa selalu sedih bila nampak kau sedih, sa senyum2 jak kalau nampak kau gembira, kadang2 sa macam mau kasitau jak kau .... tapi nda apa la...

trus sa mau kasitau jan bah kamu sedih2, bila kamu sedih, carilah orang lain, supaya kamu gembira, bkongsilah ... trus ada lagi.. tetaplah percaya dengan Tuhan, sebab Dia sering bersama orang yang percaya kepadaNya. tetaplah berdoa sebab Dia selalu mendengar jeritanmu. kasihilah sesamamu manusia seperti Aku telah mengasihimu. Dan petang sore seperti ini ibuku pernah berkata, lepaskanlah semua amarahmu sebelum hari berganti, kerana Tuhan perlu ruang dihatimu setiap hari berganti, jangan sampai tidak punya ruang dihatimu untuk Dia yang maha pengasih"

ada juga part yang sa nda edit la.. hehheheh

bah ... :)
selamat semalam semua...

"jangan lihat siapa yang menulisnya, tapi lihatlah maksudnya"
tersirat ni tau .. XD
lol .. apa yg sa meripik ni .. XD

nite. . GBU

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


If you're reading this..
salut.. :)
comment allez-vous mon ami
je voudrais poser...
savez vous....
je m'ennuie de toi beaucoup..
tu ne pas parle avec moi recemment...

vous etes fou de moi..??
je desole...
je n'ai pas vous le dire
que j'ai apprecie temps avec toi.. :)
triste ou heureux,
rire ou pleurer...

je te mets, en mon coeur
je t'aime mademoiselle
c'est je ne dis :|

Friday, September 23, 2011

I have a lion's heart,
growing and never fade
growing and never fade

I see you the one need the dove spirit
you the one need the dove spirit,
use It whole and never let it go again..

Time is like a river,
sometimes run slow
sometimes run fast,
like the leaves fall during springs,
never attached to the tree again,

but time past,
something grows,
grow for the new,
grow for the good.

I give you my heart, It always yours,
Smile and I will smile from afar,
Cry and I will cry in an empty room,

* Good Morning *

Thursday, September 15, 2011

sa rindu kau ... :|
sa rindu sudah betul...

mood : sedih+langadon

Friday, September 9, 2011

it just pic..

let the image tell u stories... :)

hehhehe no edit .. :)

Monday, August 22, 2011


takkan sa mo update yg satu saja kan..
ni pun sa mo update juga bah .. :)

mari, hri ni ...
apa itu penerimaan ...?

apa yang terjadi dalam hidup ini ..
walaupun apa yang diberikannya...
tetapi ingat .. BERUSAHALAH
agar jangan sampai kita tertinggal..

saya mungkin tidak tau apa yang sa mau cakap ni ....
tapi inilah yang sa tau ...
" saya tunggu juga sampai Tuhan yang kasi tentu"
sebab kasih setiaKu sampai selama-lamanya bilang Dia..

sa tau Tuhan bagi kita yang terbaik ..
I lose somebody in my life because of something
i meet new people because of something ..
all I do, all I experienced because of something...

:) learn to accept :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

$%^&*() think again

kalau kamu rasa kamu besar dan hebat..
kamu paling BODOH dan PALUI
bila kamu rasa semua itu senang..
kamu akan terkejar-kejar macam ANJING
bila kamu rasa yang lain tu macam tidak berguna...
sebenarnya kamu hanya MONYET yang aktif bergayut
bila kamu baca ni post dan terasa...
sorilah ... bukan untuk kamu.. tapi untuk orang yang gaya da macam tu.....

mood: marah

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1 up 1 down

S>Sia sunyi... dulu ada yang janji ... bila sa sakit/ susah/ dorng mo ada d sebelah sa.. tapi sikarang....
B>em.. sibuk bah kali durang tu...
S> tapi takkan la dorang langsung teda masa untuk saya..??
B> sa kan ada... ctau jak smua crita kau .. .
S> sa...... tu la tu sa sedih...
B> ah.. takkan ko sedih2 pasal itu jak ... nanti la kita p bajalan.. hehe
S> hahahaha.. tengkiu ah kau .. senang sudah hati sa...
B> ok bah ...
S> bah bye.. :D
B> bye...
S> hehe (hilang sudah masalah sa... :D)
B> heee (eh, sa satu urang jak lagi ni pula.. sama sepaaa la sa mo ctau masalah sa ni .??)
B> teda sapa2 pula mo dengar sa ni ...
bah , nda apa la... :|....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

:: For a friend like you ::

There is a story, its from my words, but it is real, fake but it is true..
This is a letter to a friend....

" Friend, i wrote this from my deepest though. I know people must say that I am only playing around just like before. But, take this, I am serious while I'm playing around. In that my playful time, I am reading you, manipulating myself, so that you will look me as no harm. And I'm very glad to see you happy, deep in my though, glad to see you smile.
Friend, the oldies day that we've been through, I glad I can walk beside you or in the real terms, I am glad because you are willing to go just beside me. Your smile is my addiction. You glance always make me smile. Being alone, makes me feels empty. That's why I always play with you. I play because I wanted to see you smile.
Friend, sorry because some I'm acting over the limit. Sorry for making you feel bad. Make you angry. But take my words. I doesn't mean it. I just wanna make you happy but maybe i do it in the wrong way. Have faith in me my friend, I never wanna make you down.
Friend, I need you in my life. Because without you, my life would be an empty space. I mean it, REALLY EMPTY. A heart without vessels, the sky without air. A total white screen. I need you to hold my hand, make me smile..... and a reason to live.
There is another story for you my friend, the other day, when you cried, i tried to make myself foolish, making some foolish funny.. so that you can smile and have guts to continue living. If you smile, I will be going back happily, but if you never smile, then my life would be suck. Doomed.
There were sometimes, you see me laugh and laugh and laugh. It doesn't mean I am happy actually. I always afraid to lose you. And there is sometime, you see me happy though actually I'm in a great problem or in a great sadness. I always smile because, I hope people seeing my smile will smile and spread my smile to the whole world. So that men would be happy.

Friend, I'm afraid to lose you, because I need you, because you are my reason to live.."



Monday, July 11, 2011

:::::: before MEMORIES after ::::::

"Long time ago until now
I always...
wanna take care of you

but I never tell
because I know
I am nobody

to live with you
is what I am dreaming
to satisfy you is my priority
but sorry

I am just a box of sand and you..
are the sun
you ray satisfy me a lot"

XD hahahaha
found it on someone blog
for my friends...
I miss you all..
I do care about all of you,
it just i can't contact you..
make jokes with you ..
be blessed
God be with you all :D

Monday, June 6, 2011

its a long..
long time i had not write anything
this entry this time for a few people
for some reason
for a few reason

about love...
its worth all
or nothing
love may be good or bad..
letting go...
sometimes worth better

note that
your love worthy
when the other give their love in return..

love is quite playful
yet it quite bitterfull too..
trusting somebody with your love
may be a gamble..
they could hold your love forever
or throw it away when they feel it burden them

some say trust is the key
and it is right,
but there are many more key actually..
but trust in God..
you'll find yours
someday soon, eventually..

open your eyes wide
increase your ears range of hearing
look what people are doing
listen what are they saying..
look and hear what you are in them..
you are something..
precious in their heart..
don't ever end up
disbelieving you are unworthy in people eyes..
because in front of me..
you are something..
precious and worthy ..
and in front of God too..

and fourth,
read this story,
if a baby girl born by her mother
named after her father's name
raise up by her parents..

when she grows up,
she meet a guy,
and she loves him..
then she leaves his parents..

but she still lives in the world...
believing all her soul in the guy....
the world still..
make them grow old and dies...

in the end is she belongs to his father or the guy...??
and don't b a fool to say that she is belong to the guy..
she always belongs to her father although she left him for so long..
because his Father never leaves her...

end of entry .. :D

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

~~ Please ~~

durang mo balik sudah semua...
sa nangis la ni ..

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I am...

you should read the previous post
to understand this

I think ...
I am O
then tell me yours..

Sunday, May 22, 2011

:: the World ::

the tajuk is not berkaitan actually...

just because it is Sunday..
i want to say this such a long2 ago ..

its about sharing .. hearing and listening..
somebody say their experience
their sadness, happiness, point of view
anything... and of course there will be someone listening to it..
the first person is a teller..
men in such a condition..
or lets label it as A
meanwhile, the second person is a listener..
just hearing the story..
and sometimes give their opinion..
and lets give the label O to it..

lets say.....
there will be more person A labelled as
B and AB
no need to label people as C
because there is no different actually

one day
A feel so sad about his sick father..
then she went to O her long best friend
and tell everything..
after that she feel a little bit better..
because she had lost something pounding in her heart..

not long after that..
B feel sick of his other friend..
He walked in the garden
trying to make peace in his heart..
by a little accident..
B found O..
they became a friend...
B have trust in O eyes...
then he just simply tell his heavy burden to O
and as the story end the burden become lighter..

in the other day ..
the AB is become tension because all of her problem
her emotion is just in the tip to burst..
but she saw O..
smiling to her..
then she realize that O was her long lost friend..
they chat and laugh all day long ..
O saw the problems in AB eyes..
then O entertain her..
on the way home..
AB feel so calm..

Then O walked home too...
O keep remembering A, B and AB
O feel so pity on them..
but then..
O IS alone..
with nobody to talk with..
with no one to tell
by keep hearing the other problem
just adding more burden on O shoulder
more wound in O heart..

but then O forget about the others' problem..
then O forgot about his too..
O then smile again ..
because by just listening..
His pain had reduced too..

(Thanks for reading)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

:: Its Tuesday ::

:: yeah ::
selasa sudah
hari ni ada jamuan kelas
makan jak la sa pok ni
teda duit kan .. hahaha

Labour Day..??
bagus juga ada ni cuti untuk dorang ni..
yg bukan labour pun tacuti juga

Sia mo cerita ni ..
sa malas sudah mo belakon..
buli ka sa berenti blakon
kalo la sy dapat tanya bapa sa sikarang
anak yang baik bah sa ni

dulu da ada cakap..
"macam mana buruk pun orang...
kita mesti terima..
kagalon ka..
kigutuk ka..
baik ka... the other side ka...
terima jak..
kita kena benci ka..
asal kita terima dorang"
(selepas ditranslet p bm)

mungkin itu la yang sa perlu ctau ma anak sa nanti kan..
(kalau no ada)
sebab tu la dari sekolah lagi sa kawan jak sama semua..
jarang sa nda dapat kawan
2 orang yang nda mo terima sa..
kali da nda besa ma sa kan..
biar jak la..

sa nampak mata da...
ada unsur2 yang sa nda suka..
jadi sa malas la mo bkawan ma tu org..
kalo sa bkawan pun sa tpaksa blakon di depan da..
2 la yg sa malas tu

Apa yg sa nda suka nampak dari mata urg yg sa nda suka(lol)
1. bangga diri
2. pandang rendah ma orang lain
3. ada udang disebalik batu

tu 3 jak la..
asal lengkap checklist d atas memang sa malas la..
sebab biar sa try ikhlas mo p bkawan
tetap juga dorang yang nda mau..
sapa gia d suruh pandai baca mata org..
hahahha lol .. nanti petang lagi la sa post2 ni .. hahaha
bye.. tQ ah..
muah ..

Saturday, May 14, 2011

TERUK ni an... =="

ni la ni ..
sa ingat sudah apa yang sa mo post dari duuulu lagi ...
sa curi dari tempat orang lu..
post yang paling emo..

"ui kamu(anda semua kecuali saya)
dingar lu ni crita bah..
siou la..
memang nda siok ni cerita ni ...
tapi bukan cerita ni plak ...
baca jak..

jangan bah kamu tidak menghargai apa yang kamu sudah ada
maksud saya dari pelbagai sudut
kenapa mesti langgar peraturan
mungkin kamu tebiasa yang tinggal di rumah saja kan ..
tu la kamu manja..
tapi agak2 la...
pg mana pun kamu mesti juga ikut adat orang bah

trus sa nampak kamu ni macam sumbung2 bah pula
kamu ingat idung kamu mancung kamu cantiklah..?
siou jak la.... kalau muka cantik tapi perangai macam kambing ...
kerbau juga jadinya nanti..

apa...?? kamu mo marah sudah .?? mo branti baca sudah ..??
sekejap juga kamu fedap...
dasar nda da kesabaran kamu ni ...
buang jak pg laut.. baru tau....
kalau kamu susah kamu baik la kunu sama urg...
trus kalu senang kasi tinggal jak semua..??
bagus lagi tu keldai o...

sa lagi malas kalo ada urg yanzg perasan dia matang sudah
dia cakap sia mc budak2..??
sapa la yg bubudak tu ah..
bingung betul....
padahal sa nda pernah cakap yg buruk pasal kau...
adalah pula saya cakap ..
tapi mmng semua sudah tau juga tu.... nda payah kc tau pun org len tau sudah gaya ko ..

lol ... ko mengumpat sa ni kan .. ?
sa nda mngumpat ah....
mulut bau katam kau jak yg babau tu ...
lol ...

ko nda pandai sedar ka ni ... branti la kau jadi tukang batu api org...
tinguk.. kau pakai org lain bah mau c batu api yg lain ... talampau juga kamu ni ...
kalah-kalah hantu bah kau ni...

kamu ingat kmu boleh hidup sendiri la.. ??
matilah kamu kalau kamu hidup sendiri saja....
bagus kalu kamu di rumah ..
ini bukan rumah kamu bah ni ...
kalau kamu turus mau benci org lain memang kamu sot...

paduli la apa yg kamu mo cakap..
sa nda kisah juga..
sIt.. babai..."

sIt babai
ni sa ambil dari blog urg lain ni .. hahhaa
tapi biarlah rahsia tuan punya blog tu
nanti da saman sa plak ..

Sunday, May 8, 2011

sa post jak la

kemarin sa temimpi2 ni
sa rindu da ma mama sa..
trus sa pulang kunu pg rumah ..
skali sampai, tu dreber bas menangis ni ..
da cakp.. "siou dia"
trus sa tanya d napa..?
trus 1 bus tu hairan,
dorang tanya sa nda tau ka...?
rupa2nya, sa punya mama ma bapa teda sudah kunu ..
silakak betul tu mimpi g2.... betul2 sa nda suka ni ...

trus yg baru2 lagi
sa mimpi kunu,
sa duduk2 nda tau d mana
trus datang family sa,...
dorng cakap mau monunang untuk sa....
ahahha sa ingat btl2...
yg kna tunang kunu kawan sa juga ni ...
lagi la...
melampau juga betul ini mimpi sa ni..
harap nanti malam sa dapat mimpi yg bagus la
lol .. mo p mandi lu
bye... thanks

Sunday, May 1, 2011

:: Love actually ::

its a movie actually ..
a nice one...
made for christmass
but i just wanna share it ..

here is just a part of the movie

this is just some of the scene..

to my main point ..
life is just like that ...
life is sweet...
although it may be bitter..
but then... life must go on ..

Got it..??
i hope you readers got it ;)
XD thanks for reading and watching .. :)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

:::: its saturday :::::

so....whats up with saturday.. @@
nothing actually ^^

just thinking.. wondering...
if my blog must have a new post..
its okay ..

now i realize that its 5 o'clock in the evening already
and my right leg is hurt again =="
just because of jumping out of control during the
"permainan tradisional"
thanks to the team member
you are all just too cool

i would like to talk on something
since people saying this is boring
that is boring
these are the people that
did not learn how to make their life

hey friends
please, make yourself happy
go and play with others
make some people happy
and not just you, you and only you..
because there is nothing bored in this world if
you didn't make it like that

learn how to live a life
play a game
smile during the bitter part..
at least make other happy

i beg you all...
don't make yourself bored..
the world is just too awesome
because it just you, you and only you..
that make yourself bored..

thanks for reading .. :)