Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Almost change it...

Hello readers,
They may just a few who still read this blog
but it doesn't really matter now,

To be honest,
There's nothing to update for real
It just I wanted to tell you something..
I almost close this site because of the second blog but
gladly, I've found some trick accidently, so
I've removed my second blog post at the right hand of the blog

you may not notice it before
but it was very nuisance for me

well gonna do some editing later and for now... good bye second blog post :)

P/s : This blog is over 4 years now

Monday, November 18, 2013

Updating the blog

Celebrating  them..
its just some extension from the last post
this time with pictures

there'll be more
Its just tears that shows
Sadness and Happiness
 well, sometimes, picture do tell more then words.. 

Haha I gonna miss them :) 


Monday, November 11, 2013

another farewell lots of tears

There's a lot happened since my last entry
And I really mean it, 

but I myself forgotten it already
but some are not mean to be forgotten
I don't really know how to pour it in here
but just let it start like this

I was young and very shy
it just my smile that make them smile back
because it is the least I can do

Having myself with my classmate was good
but they came like light in my life
Friend that always cheer me up

To talk with them and laugh with them,
and share some secret with them
My life seems so good 

but I know the day will came up
where tears come flowing from the eye 
and sound of crying could be heard from every corner
the day when some of them go and just few of them stay

The day when smiles should be on lips
but tears came and wash it

but don't worry 
it just you can't see them as usual
but still they are your very best friend
the sadness in your had flow away from you
flow with the tears like a thousand river
but when the rain is gone you'll see smiles 
and happiness because 
"You are God's most precious gift for me"
it's not coincidence and mistakes
it's God plans for me and you 
so that you and I 
will have a great life

Long is it..?
here's another one

It was a dark night
really dark and full of despair
and suddenly a voice call me out and walk to the light
and you came into my life and enlighten it
I never realize how happy you made me...
and now, I do

sorry if those two writing means nothing to you,
it just something that need to be read at least twice 
and those who know me to be understood 

anyway good morning :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Bus Stand Girl

A little boy is waiting for the school bus
the sky is gloomy and the day is drizzling
waiting under the bus stand 
he always get to be the last person going home

but days before they were a little girl,
waiting just like him
almost everyday too
the boy will smile when the girl come 
but they didn't cast a word until someone head home
in their own yellow bus

days goes on and they are still like that
but deep in the boy's heart,
there was thousand of laughter and smiles
knowing he'll meet the girl everyday, 
he go to school everyday, 
although he hates school 
he hates everything on his school
he used to skips lots of school day

But these days,
He never skip school anymore,
the best part for him is to wait at the bus stand
he seems to like those classes at school but the truth is, 
he always love the wordless waiting at the bus stand

Weeks goes by and so do months, 
It comes to the end of  the year,
at the last day of school he seemed to be so worried and sad
at the bus stand, he's pacing 
but when the girl come, 
he stand properly

They almost said it together
both hold their word and the boy continues,

"We've been waiting together for a long time now, Could I know your name?"

The girl smile and say "I'm waiting for you to ask me anything for a long ago"

They talk a lot that day, knowing they would probably will never meet each other anymore,
both render the day to their memory.

The boy reach home with happiness in his heart
It seems to be the best moment in his life.
although he never know the girl's name because they've been busy talking