Saturday, August 18, 2012

I don't found you, You the one find me

God have make a beautiful story for everybody
but let just zoom in the scope.. 
Lets zoom in throughout myself.
I think it is better like that, not to say about others,
who'll know maybe it hurt that particular person even if you 
did not purposely cut his or her feeling ^^

Lets start as I have only a short time to type this post
as I will go camping for a week


Life i live is complicated
there is no fix point.
life always go up and down as the ship in the sea
went by the wave

I've found a few particular friend that I can talk with
to laugh with, to make some crazy stuff and of course share my problems
their presence is the true gift from God after family
like this post's title, 
I may have found them in the very strange way,
but actually it is them that find me

In my bad
they always find me, cheering me up, listening to my nonsense talk
through my bad habits, they have come over all that, 
they have accepted me for who I am 
and at the most of the time, they comes at the right time and the right place 
so that I will never give up hope.

In the middle of my problems, 
I've found them, finding me in the darkness, 
as God have said,
"love others as you love yourself" 
that bring deep meaning

If you think and pray and ask for the real meaning, 
you will amazed because God is in everyone of us
be good to others mean to be good with God

To all of my friend: 
thank you for you have find me and stand with me.
To find a friend like you is impossible, but to found YOU is a miracle ^^

p/s : Going to SYD 3