Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Living in the world so cruel

Morning people.
Did you sleep well last night?

Why you didn't sleep well ?

Well the world is full of idiots.
Selfish and greedy

Yet the world is covered with brilliant person.
But still, they are Selfish and greedy.

The poor have nothing but nothing...

The average have a little bit. But they went selfish.

And the rich went not just selfish, but very greedy.

Hey people ... Wake up...
Be brave, be a caring person, be kind
And you will be inspiration for other's and the world will be a better place once more.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Cheat Lever

Its been a while.

Say, did the world give a fair play?
Maybe not, but here we are living our life.

Fool people always have the courage, wise man have nothing. Bad people are rich, kind people are average, good people begged.

Beautiful lady smile, an old man laugh hard, a miner face pour out sweats, a rich widow sulk.

Little boy eat cheese, little girl eat potatoes. An old man eat cabbage, one old grandma eat nothing

A soldier throw life, a patriot throw the money.