Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How to make a yearly magazine

First of all, I am no good at what am I doing because I never had the chance to do it
but its okay because I've seen how it was made and published through the right way and the opposite of it
So here I am to tell what do I "think" about the yearly magazine
And of course they are many people better than me for sure and have written it anywhere somewhere in the internet

This is an example of a simple magazine

First step :
Building the editor members or a team 

Choosing a leader would be appropriate,
and a vise leader would be necessary in some cases
a wise leader should be able to divide the assignments to the members
and be the last persons who go through the magazine and make any adjustment

Editors should be someone with a good grammar and plenty of vocab
a few editors may be needed if the condition requires

A beautiful magazine amaze readers and doesn't make a book look hideous
a person or two need to design the magazine and make a few templates
templates really help reducing work time
A good designer should able to arrange anything written or any graphics provided

The more the better.
many writers will help reducing individual tasks
it can be a reporting writer or a creative writer
some reporting writers may ask for the report from some organizer's secretary
and make the report interesting
and the creative writers may ask for anyone to write something good and worth reading articles or anything
These writers should be good in writing and less in spelling and grammatical error
Some event or section in the book may need its own  writers

These collectors collect things (writing or any handwork from the communities)
Drawing, comic strips, poems, funny things should be collected
or as long as it is interesting
these collector guys are actually important

Yeah it is so dull with yearly magazine without any pictures

So you can do your magazine with some help in any form from the school/community/organization
money matters for printing and yeah you can shout for help from anyone actually

Make sure he or she don't run away with the money
and make sure he/she can make money

Step 2 : Planning 
Plan what should you have in the magazine

Do discuss what do you need to have in your magazine with the peoples important
-a organization/community/school leaders or the right authorities

Do the tasks distribution

Go make a yearly magazine

Step 3 : Do your work

Do as what you've assign throughout the year
make sure to update the magazine after any event or anything

Step 4 : Editing

After a year or before the production date, edit your magazine 
Make it the best magazine ever and something so important 
or something that can make the magazine better may come at the eleven hour 
so prepare for that

ask for conformation and go print it 


But wait

There are a few taboo in making a yearly magazine 

If the magazine is meant to be for 2014,
NEVER EVER start making it at the third quarter of the year

ALWAYS start a team for the next magazine before the year it should
as example for a 2015 magazine you should have already make the team this year which is 2014

And if you are smoking and thinking about making a magazine,
NEVER think about making the year before's magazine.
When you are in 2014, never think about 2013 because it will be hard

The simplest chart to show how it happen

editor receive, edit and send it to designer and together they do the designing if the editor what it in their own way

writers may get pictures from the photographer and do the writings

collector collects what is needed and what is available

photographer give pictures to writer or designer and sometimes they do the design together

and chief editor will finalize things and leader sometimes the overwrite his finalization

anyway doing a yearly magazine should be ongoing throughout the year 
so that at the end of the year it just some little editing required 
and you'll get one by the end of the year or by the early of the year after

The end
Its not the proper guideline
do read and research more  :)

Monday, December 8, 2014

The End for my education

This end is not the really end to my life.. 
There's lots happen but yet more to come
Words will take days to end... let me just speak through these pictures

Yeah the journey of my education and serving had ended there... 
but I can continue both my serving and education at the new place 

But, you know,
It will never be the same
with faces hard to forget,
warmness where only them can give
love and kindness they've gave

I've holding back my feeling back then 
With no tear drops
But now the heart started to 
bleed and cry 

I'm missing all of them
and I'm missing you all the time  :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Octobre nes laisse pas

I hoped that this year wouldn't end
I hoped that there's more months after December
I really hope, truly hope, that there's more than 31 days in a month,
Nor 40, not 50, but 100 maybe.

I really hope that this good times wouldn't end
That my eyes will always filled with some image I wanted the most
That this words will always speak those good language,
and this hand will always hold what it suppose to hold to eternity

I hope I have more time to meet and talk,
to laugh and to have some times of silent
to gather and pray a lot,
to kindly talk, to warmly smile and everything else.

September have long gone,
November will come,
October don't leave...

Octobre ne laissez pas s'il vous plait

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


this is a lovely day
I know my words are not that attractive
but I still want to state my word

the days are blue and so am I
the leaves are green so are you
maybe both of us is different
but they will always together
just like blue ocean divided by the green

Oh I miss you in the morning
and the time afterwards
the bells are ringing all day long
carrying my misses to you

ring bell ring I missing her a lot
chip bird chips chips the song of my heart
when the wind blow the leaf will fly
crossing countries sink to the sea

There's nothing gonna be far apart
when the Lord wrote our story line
no men can take apart
when Divine had make two into one

what should you be
what should I be
while waiting for the time

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Last Saturday

beach beach beach hahahahahaha

Sunday, June 8, 2014

for the bride..

I'm very sorry for those things, it can't be help
I really want to go and takes lot of pictures
but indeed, i failed to do so..

The gear seems in bad condition too, so again I'm very sorry for everything.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It is quite some time now

Its been a while actually,
yes, this is the sum of all things happen
along the time, there's been so many things happened.
some are thinkable though some people may call it bitter
but most of the thing happens are great
with the practicum session and those good time with the peoples around me, i have found many good time.

For those who will acknowledge themselves, this is for you,

For those good time I've had, I cherish it so much. All the present you give me and all the good words you whispered to me, it mean so much. In times when I'm down, you bright it up and I'm so thankful about that.

Present I got,
I'm very looking forward to give it to some people, those present means a lot and I will give you some soon.. or maybe later and I'm very thankful for the presents

The Pictures,
I would like to put some pictures in this entry,
but let makes it another time for things will happen in the right time

Anyway, happy graduation for those who are graduating, happy wedding for those who will marry, happy birthday for those celebrating their birthday, and for those unmentioned may happiness appear in all things you do.

And Here I am Writing Again

Hello there,
there's lot to write but let it be some secret for some time or forever
I have loads to write and lots to show,
but I'll save it for someday soon

Lately many thing happen,
but the first thing is my apology,
yes, it is my mistake,
its not that I'm underestimating you
you are still better than me actually,
my intention were just playing
because that who am I playful
but I think I am out of the boundary
so, I'm so sorry

yup this is just for you :)
Sorry again

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Damaged Laptop

Hello everybody
its been a while from the last post
actually there are so many things I wanted to share
but recently the old laptop face some difficulties 
It cannot boot properly and the wireless is automatically turn off
From the first sigh, I think it was the battery or the charger caused it that much 
but then I can confirm a thing, 
it was the viruses.. 

the reason ? 
Its simple, because this is the second time
and to be frank, my instinct said it is from the same computer 
but from different host or how should I make it, it is from different person this time

so the solution is easy (= =)
I need to format it again... 
with the cd which I don't know where.. 
and some appropriate windows

so, It will be some time for me to get you again, thanks 

Friday, March 21, 2014

The time freeze

The morning freeze
Not because the climate or anything turned the water into ice
or something similar
The time goes so slow that I can see the sun ray run
and the hummingbirds flap their wings so slowly

The rain drop so slow that I can dodge every tiny bit of it
and the wind blow so slow that when the paper blow I can just walk to get it back
The night is so long that the oil lamp need to be filled endlessly 
and I finished to make a two pages wish twice when the shooting star appear

I've been listening for the song endlessly
the same song that I never bored listening
and it reminds me of you all the time 
Minute seems forever and forever seems a sad day
because there just me and me
There's no scent of you, voices of you, smile of yours'

so I'd like to say something
"The time freeze without you here beside me"

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sing along...

I could only wish, 
I'll last forever

So I could see you 
Smiling wide to me

The day I find you,

There's angel came
Telling that you the 

The one I need

I hold your hand
Like it will lose tomorrow 
You will see me smiling 
Putting the ring into you

The day that i found you
There's an angel came
Telling that you're the one 
The one I need

Monday, February 3, 2014

Running Away | (2007) | Unpublished Short Story

Running Away | 2007 | Short Story

The sky were gloomy as it always does,
I creep to the roof to see
If I could catch glimpse of the morning sunlight
But the clouds never give me chance
It turn out to be dark and murky outside

The street lamps light up the roads
It is the least that they can do,
although they are nobody
they still light someone's life

Still, I am seeking to see the sunlight everyday..
Father use to tell me stories that sunlight turns the ghost away,
weaken the evil and demon, so that they can only whisper and not to be seen
I used to wonder in any chances for the people I meet everyday could be a soul reaper
But maybe it just some old folk's story to scare children like me long ago

The room in front of my windows suddenly light up
It's her. Beautiful girl in my grade, maybe not the most.
But for me, she's the one. I could barely speak up in front of her.
Her smile make me stoned, something that my vision can't stand against

Going by the school bus is the routine I hate the most
with noisy people speaking loud as if their friend is miles away
The yellow bus carrying bunch of middle school student is always late
and the teachers are yelling at us every morning too...
They should yell at the late bus not us..

Monday up to Friday
I dislike them a lot, I already know that stuff they teach
I already read them, tested some of the lab stuff,
I know the drill, I just to lazy to make my marks beyond everyone
I always do my paper halfway done instead of doing it all right

Grandpa always smile although I'll only get 50 for my tests or exams
Grandma tell me to make it done but I always insist with thousand of excuses
I don't mind people calling me names like 50, or halfway mind
Because I know the arrogant girl can get 80 top and never more than that

     "You should join the play" Heather voice struck me.
     "I always see you playing the violin" the girl next door said again.

So all this time she was watching me too? I couldn't say a word but leave as before...
Shocked maybe or too scared..
My way home is much colder
Silence is my companion all the way to the door bell 
Grandma ask ask me something bout school but I just node and enter my room

Fascinated by her compliment  earlier
I begin to act as nothing had happened 
but my hand were already unbrief the violin and unconditionally 
play them slowly

As my finger play the "Adagio"
I closed my eyes and the music takes me away..
the background music seems to merge with my play
and the world had leave my life.. 
I'm in my own world

where darkness can't be in shadows, 
where loud talking muted

and where no body could physically and mentally touch me... 

Then suddenly those feeling stop.
there's something sound nice to hear, 
soft as the pillow, 
smooth as the silk, 
tempting as the delicious food, 
light as the feather

I open up my eye,

I could feel the beach.. 
I searched for the sound, 

Music never heard before, 
I bet it is not from the stereo, 

The stereo played junk over years now

I curiously seek for the music
when I find her windows is wide open not as usual,
unlike my broken windows
to hear her playing the black and white keys
is amazing and unusual too 

we never had any music class except for the recorder thing and drum
guitar are the least they can afford or who knows.. 
It must be her mother who teach her to play that beautiful 
So beautiful so that you'll able to take shower with the moon lit 
That the sea breeze will fly you to the sky... 
Then I realise, it was the exact same song I played not long ago, 
The Moonlight

The music stop and she went to the windows.. 

She spark some lovely smile
Then unconsciously my lips make some smile

something that I didn't do for quite some times now.. 

It was years ago I've been smiling like this.. 
When my father finally rest assure in peace mother went to heal herself

to run away from those memories, searching for love to take on the pain
then nobody know a thing I guess.. 

     "Both of us can make better music. Because two is better than one, together is more fun than alone, 
      we can run to the world we want together" 

Silently I node and smile,
the greatest way to end the day ever
In smiles I went down to have the dinner as grandma called out my name 
They look fine though I knew they are wondering with my smile

Day after that is better, 
I have friend to go anywhere, 
well our routine is the same so with our time table
lack of option make all student have no chance in choosing what we want to learn

we played our tools facing each other. 
although we are in different room we can hear each other, 
we can see each other
through two different windows
we can run to our world. 
and become what we want

We can play "Only time" and make some duet from it
we can play "Love story" by a famous French guy
sometimes we feel sad but then happiness will never failed to come
my day with her is falling in love with her again and again
and not just with her, with her music too

Something engraved in my heart, 
someday soon I'll ask her the millions dollar question 
when the time come, I'll make sure she deserve a ring on her finger
but those are a long way to go


Class is boring as usual
but the only playing instrument teacher come into the class
everybody know what coming
so do I

     "So as usual, there will be music performance. But I have a request. This year a student or two must join
      the performance"

She raises her hand so I follow her and raise mine too. Everybody were so shocked as I raise my hand.
Because no one, besides her ever hear me play and in front of many people I never act as I am worthy to be adored


Everyday after school,
we will stay back and it just a duo 
the other were practising something else..
some of them are acting 
and the other are singing
She and I 
play beautifully. No, its not beautiful. it more like wonderful
our music cannot be compared by anyone now
music that can make you run away from all the things
all the things called problems and other things


The night of greatness have come
I've been waiting for her on the backstage 
I'm so worried she didn't come yet
She told me earlier that she will come quite late because there's something 
something she had to do
Maybe it was her sick father
the only family she had..


     "No one know what they can do, no one ever heard of them before and no one know who they are.
      On this last performance, the stage and the time, we give to the Next Door Duo" they are calling for us

When I come out to the stage, I see her coming. From the other end of the stage.
Then we started to play. I don't know why. But her play is different..
It is sad. very sad, it makes my memory play the time 
when daddy leave us for eternity
and mourning can be heard loud and clear
when no people for you to run 
no one. no one

So we played in tears, running away from the stage, 
we played until the song is done
until we open my eyes and see nothing but tears from the audience 
All of them we clapping with tears


I couldn't see her anywhere
I tried to search for her
so hard but I can't
So home we off to go


When we reach home, there's so many people next door
I run as fast as I could ever run
I come to see bodies 
It was her father and it's her
I fall by my knees
unlike when my father died, where no tears we dropped 
It flows like river, falling down like waterfall

Her father died by his illness
People find her body outside the house
No one know either she is going out or coming home
My feeling tells me she was hit by the car before 
but who is playing with me then?
So I take it she was hit when I see her nowhere last night

The next day, the music teacher come and hug me
with tears and sob

     "I'm very sorry to let you play alone, I couldn't tell you earlier. And last night you were playing fantastic 

      As she is playing with you, and no one say you are a freak any more. Although you were playing alone
      people know you are amazing  last night though she is not there"

Lightning hits me. It was never me alone played last night
It was her and me
and to make certain things clear, my play is never perfect without her 

so I faint after that


We have moved to the next town
I had to forget all of those memories they say
but the things is I can't and I wouldn't 

because I know.. 
Whenever my violin play a song, 

I know and I always hear piano playing as well
So I know she never left me, 
all I need to do is to run away with my violin and meet her
In the world only we know
path only we recognize 
Where she and me will never part..

The end 

Nicholas A (2007)

Edited for spelling error (2014), 

Because grammatical error is perfect for me
This is not true story but maybe in other part of the world this may
and I wrote this 7 years ago
so this is it

Friday, January 17, 2014

Its been busy yet lovely...

yep.. it been busy yet lovely
it been busy weeks from the beginning of the year till now
many things to do and to be done
this brain of mine seems working in a strange way .. 
yet it still doing its work properly with minor error

however, God always have a great plans, 
surprises and good news were also coming in .. 
and I wanted to say this from the beginning of the year, 
thank you God for such a lovely year.. 

Thanks for the presents.. 

I mean a lot of thanks... 
words can tell my feeling right now, 

But to be just I'm feeling happy and thankful right now

This year is my final year in this campus 
Yet it is still a long way to go 
This year will be sweet year and sad year in the end

I know it... I know it.. 
But until then .. 

I will laugh and smile, 
eat and cook, 
run and walk
sing and talk with you, 
all of you brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, 

I know God had plan something beautiful :)
Night all .. God bless you .. :)

Place where I learn and play, knowing new people and learning about humanity
(click to enlarge)

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Bumpy road I've taken

Empty paths leave spaces between the road
The Red Forest Tree seems occupying the view
Some may feel nothingness or even endure blackout
while some people see it as a wonderful journey and though road to walk or maybe run

Long time ago, I choose some bumpy road, 
I see many dark corner and white section of the road
I have see both wonderful things and awful moment
A long dark corner have been coming to once
but I've managed to overcome that

After the dark path, 
the other coming dark part were easier to walk on
because there always voices and hands to hold on to
and most of the time, 
believing there will be a white section at the end of the corner
were worthy to do
because they always real and always there

Life now is more likely to be more like a rainbow
not because the first path I choose 
It is because I rise every time I felt
and because those dark corner I've been through

Because when you believe there always be some power
working by it own way
in ways you couldn't ever imagine

I believe this is the God's plan for me
the greatest gift for me 
is the bumpy road I've choose long ago
that come to this beautiful story :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014 everybody :)
Its been a great year last year and today I hope that this year will be even greater :)
Christmas was last week so meaning to say this picture coloured last week which also mean last year
So the picture above is kinda some drawing by me
using the pastel and it didn't turn out to be outstanding
It just turn out to be an ordinary wishing from me :)

Once again Happy New Year everyone :)