Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It is quite some time now

Its been a while actually,
yes, this is the sum of all things happen
along the time, there's been so many things happened.
some are thinkable though some people may call it bitter
but most of the thing happens are great
with the practicum session and those good time with the peoples around me, i have found many good time.

For those who will acknowledge themselves, this is for you,

For those good time I've had, I cherish it so much. All the present you give me and all the good words you whispered to me, it mean so much. In times when I'm down, you bright it up and I'm so thankful about that.

Present I got,
I'm very looking forward to give it to some people, those present means a lot and I will give you some soon.. or maybe later and I'm very thankful for the presents

The Pictures,
I would like to put some pictures in this entry,
but let makes it another time for things will happen in the right time

Anyway, happy graduation for those who are graduating, happy wedding for those who will marry, happy birthday for those celebrating their birthday, and for those unmentioned may happiness appear in all things you do.

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