Tuesday, November 6, 2012


"If I have that courage, I will tell the world. But I have no guts" 
Sometimes life will bring all the tension to you, 
burden you and hunting you down 
Keep the burden and you will sick, 
bring out the burden and you will fell better, 
but next is the result,
Happy or despair
always prepare for both 
but prepare always more for the despair

"To tell something important to someone important for you is like stabbing into your chest with a double edge knife.It cut the disease or it stab the heart" ~ Unknown

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Would you like to know? Then read this...

somebody is leaving and you don't know,
will you meet them again,
or even would you see them again.
To be spread to  the whole country..

Then it must be miracle if somehow,
by any coincident

we will meet eye to eyes again 
and then

carved some familiar smile as now
and talked a lot as there is no tomorrow

To lose somebody temporary, is a start of an emptiness
Memories are easy to get and easy  to be forget from our brain
but somehow a few meaningful memories always remain in our heart 
or more correctly in our liver (lol)

Anywhere, there is always something to lose and something to gain
wishing you to have a great life and gain some sweet experience.
Spread the good news so that there will be plenty of workers in Father house :)

to meet again is not impossible, because in the Father name there is nothing such as impossible :)
God bless you all

so long

Monday, October 29, 2012


really need somebody to talk with 

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Unsatisfied with this blog
Because she blog it first when I'm still thinking on blogging this 
Am very busy actually but nevermind ... I wanted to post about it
(although maybe this will be saved in draft : P)

And I tell you, this will be a long post with picturessss... 

My secondary school junior and her sister and her friend

New friend :)

My  secondary schoolmate .. (ray and may and .. May's friend)

The senior with her "long time no see" friend I guess

With another kulas ^^

Queennera (a famous artist)  with her fan Ray

Kulas, Barbara, the Sister and kulas' sister Vianney ^^

Any of them may be my classmate if I don't go to the boarding school :)

The night before the departure :) Blessing to the actors for the Family Night

One of my favourite quote 

Me, hiding at the back of the Topokon Youth :)

Walking to our foster family's house

Welcoming smiles from the foster family members :)

Later that evening, They welcome us with traditional music or better known as "magagung" 

The Father come with a traditional dance "Sumazau"

Some lovely scenery for me^^

The second day, the Kota Belud Parish performed a nice and peaceful morning prayer

The amazing choir from the host

Senior Jamlee with his friends

Alychia and Leendy(my juniors) with their friend 

My Parish.. Tuaran with a striking yellow shirt and cap

The senior Jcrechealdera(can you say it right?)

Out of no where she come out .. still don't know who is this.. tell me if you know

The Groto :) Beautiful :)

The seniors with a graduated senior and their friend

Welcoming performance ^^

Senior Joviania and Allesandro with their friend

Meal time.. 


as long you can eat :P

Topokon youth + Elsie

Aly with her friend

Our Mother.. good mother .. miss her ;(

Tuaran Parish with a father from Johor-Melaka

Tuaran Parish record a wish for Fr Rayner at Rome

Up up and away :)

Barbara and Scholastika

Vianney, barbara with a sister :D

The Carmel :)

Its amazing when all people suddenly dancing when a song played on air ^^

From Ranau with love:)

Me with my friends 

Some school reunion

The Tawau Parish ^^

A sunset in the evening :) (Click to enlarge)

Youth Night sharing :)

Tadaa, forget their name.. but a new friend :)

Morning hug :D

Er... er... what is this ... Their Reunion XD

YS (Yayasan Sabah) Reunion :)

Family Night :) The junior always see the camera == haha

Action song :)

A great actress 

Dating perhabs .??

Mother and son (in acting.. in real life.. Nicholas and Willhelvianah)

Obey your mother
Add caption

Don't make she cry and if she do, be with her

"tears are the sign of forgiveness and redemption" 

SYD 3 Family Night Actors 

A son sharing on family

A daughter sharing on a family

A father testimony on family 
to wrap this up, I really sorry for didn't manage to go till the end
as I have to go somewhere else
but God have His own story for different people

And I am willing to join this for the next event
not as a student anymore
to finish it as it should be

Reflection : This event have refreshed my life, 
about serving God, Forgiveness, Accepting, Glorifying, Give thanks, Living His story, the Call
and many more :)

p/s : as I say before, it took me weeks to finish this post :P