Sunday, July 29, 2012

Walking in the same shoe

Does anyone know that people have different type of foot.
Its not the size that we are wearing.
If calculated in cm or mm, different people have the different number
and for sure they will have the different shape and size

To get exactly the same foot
is likely searching a needle in a haystack and half a miracle 
when you have found a pair of people with  the same foot size and shape

it is already hard to find somebody 
with the same size and shape of foot for both of their left and right feet
Then finding the perfect match will be almost impossible

Then a story,
A friend brake up with her boyfriend
Then she fall into mourning and crying phase of the separation
A good friend of her come immediately after knowing the news
trying to calm her down, the good friend said that
there are more reason to laugh than to mourn

But, mourning people don't listen to anything
losing the sense of judging, listening and decision making ability
making them impossible to be calmed with words.

The girl making a loud sound saying that
the friend didn't know how she feels,
"Try to walk in my shoes and walk in the path I went through" said the girl.
The friend said sorry for not making the girl happy but making her more sad.
Sadly leaving the angry girl, the friend slowly close the door and walked away.

Two days later when the girl have finally grab a grip,
she called the friend and say sorry for being rude and selfish
As she called her friend,
the friend's mother saying "hello" is heard on the other end
Hoping to heard her friend's voice, the girl asked the mother if her friend is around

Instead of calling her friend down, the mother broke a tear and said that
her son is at the funeral of his fiance
His fiance died on a car accident three days ago.
Electric shock increase the girl's pulse.
Leaving home by a cab, the girl remembered that her friend was always there
in her sad, in her happy time and in many more since they were kids.

In the her friend house, the friend is still at the graveyard,
maybe the ceremony is still going on.
The mother started telling a story.
"My son was very sad when his fiance died
At home he just cry and cry,
but when he heard you brake up, he started calming down
When he regain his spirit, he smile a little bit and said " there is someone I need to entertain"
and walked away to your house.

The girl then realize that
her friend has a burden that cannot be compared to her's.
The phrase
Try to walk in my shoes and walk in the path I went through "
is more likely to be addressed to herself

We all walk in the different path and different route.
Choices we made are and life we lived
make it almost impossible for any of us to have same "shoe"
there is once in the blue moon,
where there are two people with the same "shoe" meet

A message for everybody
" Friend, we have different life and obstacles and of course talents
don't ever think to look your problem as the biggest and other is just a small one,
because you don't see her true form of problems. 
Appreciate life to the fullest and thank God  for everything happened" 

God bless you
Happy Sunday ^^

Monday, July 23, 2012

something for your race

thinking of something
some kind of new blog.

after the picture blog,
am thinking to create a new one
It will goes on the mother tongue of me 
a kind of blog
a kind of reference for the youngster 

wait for it..
I will definitely do something useful ..

Thanks for reading 

Friday, July 20, 2012


I love my camera... from my childhood I AM holding a camera and a lots after it. Some or almost all of it broke down because of curiosity, if Time is considered as a factor in becoming a nice photographer I surely win. But that not it, curiosity and exploration is the best. Books just show examples, the are no rules to be obey in photography, while speed light is an aid. 

Normal lens is just for an ordinary?
Any lens can make many picture!
a wide can make a portrait 
a zoom can make a landscape

A wide is not just for landscape
and a zoom is not just for zooming BIRDS

When you see some Pro
they don't always teach.
they look on other's picture and amaze.
They don't comment
they just seldomly giving opinion.
because everybody have their own arts
Others may give opinion
but nobody is too great in judging 
because nobody is perfect.

this may be the first camera that I hold
Years later I remember holding this
And this is what I have by my own now

So long