Friday, January 17, 2014

Its been busy yet lovely...

yep.. it been busy yet lovely
it been busy weeks from the beginning of the year till now
many things to do and to be done
this brain of mine seems working in a strange way .. 
yet it still doing its work properly with minor error

however, God always have a great plans, 
surprises and good news were also coming in .. 
and I wanted to say this from the beginning of the year, 
thank you God for such a lovely year.. 

Thanks for the presents.. 

I mean a lot of thanks... 
words can tell my feeling right now, 

But to be just I'm feeling happy and thankful right now

This year is my final year in this campus 
Yet it is still a long way to go 
This year will be sweet year and sad year in the end

I know it... I know it.. 
But until then .. 

I will laugh and smile, 
eat and cook, 
run and walk
sing and talk with you, 
all of you brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, 

I know God had plan something beautiful :)
Night all .. God bless you .. :)

Place where I learn and play, knowing new people and learning about humanity
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Friday, January 10, 2014

The Bumpy road I've taken

Empty paths leave spaces between the road
The Red Forest Tree seems occupying the view
Some may feel nothingness or even endure blackout
while some people see it as a wonderful journey and though road to walk or maybe run

Long time ago, I choose some bumpy road, 
I see many dark corner and white section of the road
I have see both wonderful things and awful moment
A long dark corner have been coming to once
but I've managed to overcome that

After the dark path, 
the other coming dark part were easier to walk on
because there always voices and hands to hold on to
and most of the time, 
believing there will be a white section at the end of the corner
were worthy to do
because they always real and always there

Life now is more likely to be more like a rainbow
not because the first path I choose 
It is because I rise every time I felt
and because those dark corner I've been through

Because when you believe there always be some power
working by it own way
in ways you couldn't ever imagine

I believe this is the God's plan for me
the greatest gift for me 
is the bumpy road I've choose long ago
that come to this beautiful story :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014 everybody :)
Its been a great year last year and today I hope that this year will be even greater :)
Christmas was last week so meaning to say this picture coloured last week which also mean last year
So the picture above is kinda some drawing by me
using the pastel and it didn't turn out to be outstanding
It just turn out to be an ordinary wishing from me :)

Once again Happy New Year everyone :)