Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1 up 1 down

S>Sia sunyi... dulu ada yang janji ... bila sa sakit/ susah/ dorng mo ada d sebelah sa.. tapi sikarang....
B>em.. sibuk bah kali durang tu...
S> tapi takkan la dorang langsung teda masa untuk saya..??
B> sa kan ada... ctau jak smua crita kau .. .
S> sa...... tu la tu sa sedih...
B> ah.. takkan ko sedih2 pasal itu jak ... nanti la kita p bajalan.. hehe
S> hahahaha.. tengkiu ah kau .. senang sudah hati sa...
B> ok bah ...
S> bah bye.. :D
B> bye...
S> hehe (hilang sudah masalah sa... :D)
B> heee (eh, sa satu urang jak lagi ni pula.. sama sepaaa la sa mo ctau masalah sa ni .??)
B> teda sapa2 pula mo dengar sa ni ...
bah , nda apa la... :|....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

:: For a friend like you ::

There is a story, its from my words, but it is real, fake but it is true..
This is a letter to a friend....

" Friend, i wrote this from my deepest though. I know people must say that I am only playing around just like before. But, take this, I am serious while I'm playing around. In that my playful time, I am reading you, manipulating myself, so that you will look me as no harm. And I'm very glad to see you happy, deep in my though, glad to see you smile.
Friend, the oldies day that we've been through, I glad I can walk beside you or in the real terms, I am glad because you are willing to go just beside me. Your smile is my addiction. You glance always make me smile. Being alone, makes me feels empty. That's why I always play with you. I play because I wanted to see you smile.
Friend, sorry because some I'm acting over the limit. Sorry for making you feel bad. Make you angry. But take my words. I doesn't mean it. I just wanna make you happy but maybe i do it in the wrong way. Have faith in me my friend, I never wanna make you down.
Friend, I need you in my life. Because without you, my life would be an empty space. I mean it, REALLY EMPTY. A heart without vessels, the sky without air. A total white screen. I need you to hold my hand, make me smile..... and a reason to live.
There is another story for you my friend, the other day, when you cried, i tried to make myself foolish, making some foolish funny.. so that you can smile and have guts to continue living. If you smile, I will be going back happily, but if you never smile, then my life would be suck. Doomed.
There were sometimes, you see me laugh and laugh and laugh. It doesn't mean I am happy actually. I always afraid to lose you. And there is sometime, you see me happy though actually I'm in a great problem or in a great sadness. I always smile because, I hope people seeing my smile will smile and spread my smile to the whole world. So that men would be happy.

Friend, I'm afraid to lose you, because I need you, because you are my reason to live.."



Monday, July 11, 2011

:::::: before MEMORIES after ::::::

"Long time ago until now
I always...
wanna take care of you

but I never tell
because I know
I am nobody

to live with you
is what I am dreaming
to satisfy you is my priority
but sorry

I am just a box of sand and you..
are the sun
you ray satisfy me a lot"

XD hahahaha
found it on someone blog
for my friends...
I miss you all..
I do care about all of you,
it just i can't contact you..
make jokes with you ..
be blessed
God be with you all :D