Saturday, December 21, 2013

A lot had happen but more are coming

The view at my village

The day will come when we regret the past and hoping for a better tomorrow
but why hesitate? 
Why wait tomorrow for a better day?
Why not today?

A saying once chimed in my eardrums, 
"yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery. Now is present, why not open up your present?"
So people take the chance to see your lucky day present's. 

I wish you to have a good day and good luck in whatever you'll be doing today
Morning :)

P/s: see also this blog... thank you :)

Friday, December 13, 2013

You ... (^^,)

Seeking through the past year
You are just friend
but don't worry 
you are a lovely friend to start with.

But those walks and talks
the "play" and laughs... 
Make me wonder
Would there be any chance..
of you and me

But now it turn out to be
I resist my eager hand from send you messages
I trying to spell "the word" right
and trying to forget you 
above all those things..
I always fail to do that 
like all the time I mean 
ALL the time

But it is indeed a sweet failure
You are precious to me 
because you ...
you are..
"The greatest gift from God to me"

Friday, December 6, 2013

Going out again

Greetings reader(s) 
This holiday went a little bit busy
by events and nothingness

This is the place I wrote before
for those who doesn't have any idea, 
This is the post.. ClickMe

after bringing the camera twice,
without the memory card,
This time
I manage to take a some images

well, its not just these two actually,
it just I too lazy to upload the other picture here..
maybe later or maybe soon

running away from the internet is quite fun sometime
but writing here and there in the web seems quite hard to be left.. 
so, here am I writing about nothing

The main purpose of this update is just to show the picture ..
The first picture to be more precise..
Night readers.. :)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Almost change it...

Hello readers,
They may just a few who still read this blog
but it doesn't really matter now,

To be honest,
There's nothing to update for real
It just I wanted to tell you something..
I almost close this site because of the second blog but
gladly, I've found some trick accidently, so
I've removed my second blog post at the right hand of the blog

you may not notice it before
but it was very nuisance for me

well gonna do some editing later and for now... good bye second blog post :)

P/s : This blog is over 4 years now

Monday, November 18, 2013

Updating the blog

Celebrating  them..
its just some extension from the last post
this time with pictures

there'll be more
Its just tears that shows
Sadness and Happiness
 well, sometimes, picture do tell more then words.. 

Haha I gonna miss them :) 


Monday, November 11, 2013

another farewell lots of tears

There's a lot happened since my last entry
And I really mean it, 

but I myself forgotten it already
but some are not mean to be forgotten
I don't really know how to pour it in here
but just let it start like this

I was young and very shy
it just my smile that make them smile back
because it is the least I can do

Having myself with my classmate was good
but they came like light in my life
Friend that always cheer me up

To talk with them and laugh with them,
and share some secret with them
My life seems so good 

but I know the day will came up
where tears come flowing from the eye 
and sound of crying could be heard from every corner
the day when some of them go and just few of them stay

The day when smiles should be on lips
but tears came and wash it

but don't worry 
it just you can't see them as usual
but still they are your very best friend
the sadness in your had flow away from you
flow with the tears like a thousand river
but when the rain is gone you'll see smiles 
and happiness because 
"You are God's most precious gift for me"
it's not coincidence and mistakes
it's God plans for me and you 
so that you and I 
will have a great life

Long is it..?
here's another one

It was a dark night
really dark and full of despair
and suddenly a voice call me out and walk to the light
and you came into my life and enlighten it
I never realize how happy you made me...
and now, I do

sorry if those two writing means nothing to you,
it just something that need to be read at least twice 
and those who know me to be understood 

anyway good morning :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Bus Stand Girl

A little boy is waiting for the school bus
the sky is gloomy and the day is drizzling
waiting under the bus stand 
he always get to be the last person going home

but days before they were a little girl,
waiting just like him
almost everyday too
the boy will smile when the girl come 
but they didn't cast a word until someone head home
in their own yellow bus

days goes on and they are still like that
but deep in the boy's heart,
there was thousand of laughter and smiles
knowing he'll meet the girl everyday, 
he go to school everyday, 
although he hates school 
he hates everything on his school
he used to skips lots of school day

But these days,
He never skip school anymore,
the best part for him is to wait at the bus stand
he seems to like those classes at school but the truth is, 
he always love the wordless waiting at the bus stand

Weeks goes by and so do months, 
It comes to the end of  the year,
at the last day of school he seemed to be so worried and sad
at the bus stand, he's pacing 
but when the girl come, 
he stand properly

They almost said it together
both hold their word and the boy continues,

"We've been waiting together for a long time now, Could I know your name?"

The girl smile and say "I'm waiting for you to ask me anything for a long ago"

They talk a lot that day, knowing they would probably will never meet each other anymore,
both render the day to their memory.

The boy reach home with happiness in his heart
It seems to be the best moment in his life.
although he never know the girl's name because they've been busy talking

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Exhausted to the max

Right now 
I suddenly woke up yet still sleepy 
after an hour nap, I cannot go to sleep again
maybe the body is just too exhausted
well sometimes it happen to me, feeling exhausted but can't take some rest
this week is so exhausting, not to tell it loud but just to share

the body had been working from sunrise to sunset and it goes on in the night
such a long preparation for such a short time event 
the big event has finally finish 
but still, tomorrow will be another event, morning and night, 
and in Saturday, there will be two event and I had to lose one because it clash..
anyway another job come to me just a few hour and it will be a hard one

it seems writing can make me sleepy again, 
and the thunder is striking, maybe it will rain tonight
hope so, 
as for life these, I feel wonderful and meaningful 
as the hole is now filled ..

I hope I'll dream a good one... night :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

|Those Scraggy Hand|

And this is the real life situation I'll wanted to write for quite sometimes

Her skinny body and dark skin
maybe is it because of her gene 
Is not about the weather or whatever 
It just she is born dark

But skinny is not really in her gene
she had live in harsh and hard life
losing love of mother in early age, 
taking care of her newborn brother
and maybe back in her house, 
she had to takeover the housework too

Bill Gates once said, 
"If you're born poor, it's not your mistake, but, if you die poor, it's your mistake"
in certain condition, 
this is really true, but now, this girl, 
she doesn't even know,
or honestly she doesn't know it yet
how strong she is to carry such loads

Born in poor family doesn't mean you can't be rich 
but poverty itself, always tie all the poor to its root
and the richness always shed their face, not to help the poor

If and only if 
I have more in this life, 
I'll give the more to those who need
because seeing them life in such life making me wanted to cry
and choked me deep inside

but if you don't move up, who will help them
if you don't be rich who will even look at them

"That skinny little lady, had choked me to tears, but this tears don't even worthy of her burden, there's nothing I can do, but to wipe it away and live this life better, so soon when I'm successful I'l be able to help one"

~~ She Doesn't Know It ~~

I always wanted to lingers beside her
Her lips, her cheek,
Make me wonders every time
What complexion is this,
make me forgot how to forgot
and remembering what not to

Sharing some likes and time,
walks we went through,
talks we enjoyed
moments we shared
The moment I'm without you
is the moment I need you

Now this time, 
Would you be,
will you be, beside me, 
all the time?
Because all I'm thinking of is you

Some poem during my secondary school that somehow I jotted it down :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Concerning all the factor

Considering all the factor,
Should I open another blog
just to satisfy my writing desire?
And  if I do, would I have the time and commitment
to write and update the blog then.

up until this moment I am the owner of two blog
my first domain is this, the blog that you're reading right now
and the other one is this
a blog about picture I've captured
giving up is an option but I never see that useful for me
blog that I didn't update doesn't mean I don't like,
it just I don't have the right things to share
So I am Considering another blog actually right now.

and there is another thing that I consider right now,
and my heart is shouting to make it done  ..
but I should wait for the right moment to make it right
That's all for now... merci beaucoup mes amis

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Writing During Hard TIme

view from my house (click to enlarge)
So this is the time when I though that life is hard,
Sudden observation making me feel bad,
but still it is me that make it bad...
done all the things, it just my spirit that occur does not in me
maybe it when away searching for something meaningful

So what is so meaningful that my spirit doesn't give a chance to the observation,
#friend #relationship #social #argument #family
when life seems very busy, I still think about these things and forgot about the busy mode

but somehow i hope that I will managed to gain some spirit in the morning and through the day.
Blessed be my day and yours too

Thanks to anyone that make my day :)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rice don't make you FAT

better write this while it still on my mind..

long ago, there's some dialogue of dieting people who doesn't take the rice
and these fact have been there for years because internet was not widely used as for today
and then as the time goes by, I think I should say it here, now and now

"Rice don't make you fat"
in my age of 4 until 12,
there's nothing that i didn't eat,
I'll consume whatever and whenever it happens to be there..
luckily, my body never been so fat....
and those year's diet is simple, rice, fish and some vegetables

it was years when you eat what you grow
and not eat what you buy
searching the buffalo and doing gardening
was one of the routine although not everyday...
but walking around and playing around is my favourite

well, cut the crap,
it started during my 13 and later on,
where boarding school is my second home during that time,
food are prepared and nicely done.
for these early three years,
rice is the only thing I loved so much...
going on the 4th,
I eat same amount of rice but double or even triple
red meat, chicken and the other's
delicious and very tempting


well cut again...
we go straight to the point
or to the main point of this entry
nowadays chicken or cow or anything,
use to have some injection or anything to make it grow bigger
in short time
even vegetables too

therefore, as we eat them,
we will get the same effect too...
hence, people will become bigger in short time

But listen to this, burn more than you eat is always right
from yesterday, today and beyond,
so, burn some of calories today... :)

So, here is something I found on the net,
"eat fish, you'll grow taller,
eat meat, you'll go muscular,
eat fruits, you'll be radiance,
eat vegetables, you'll be healthier,
but if you don't eat rice,
you'll die believing you are fat"
haha night :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Endure Life

lately, many thing happen in life..
mostly sorrow and bitter...
but then, no matter how much the sorrow or the bitter,
there will always be happiness that wash away all the things..

Friends, family and church
are things in my life that will always make me smile
although sometimes, there will be no smile but still,
they can always wash away my sorrow, my sadness away
my doubt and worries are flushed away
and the most important thing,,...

I feel love in the air .. :)
Good night .. :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Good things and bad things

well good morning
taking some time to update life
before making some lesson plan later on

well, lets go straight forward
the good thing is, 
there will be no more guilty 
and no more fake smile
Its have been settled 
and thank God for that

the bad things is..
friend got into trouble 
forgot to reply an easy message
the they got into trouble 
and I'm very sorry to that .. 
If you are reading this, 
let me treat you someday .. :)

well life must go on .. .
and life should be just once

because once is the pain we will able to bear.. :)

Good morning :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fate lies between the clouds

It somehow I managed to remember what I want to write last time
and yeah .. Its morning everybody....
It just the time setting in my blogger is not synchronized with my real time
but for real ? That doesn't seems to be a problem for me

looking back at the title,
nobody knows the future
even the future teller said they cannot see it clearly

we didn't really look at
"what to be in future and what to do right now"
but we should look at
"what to do now to make a better future"

indeed, it doesn't have any clear objective but just a fade motif
however, looking future and doing something to achieve that for some people are not applicable
people that live in poverty often doing this and failed a lot.
because what they should do is always undone because of their problems
living in a overwrought life too always failed peoples archiving their dreams

but doing what is "now" often make some people with efforts to live their dreams
doing the best in the live brings more opportunity for each diligent person
to live the life now and living to the fullest always make us better
and living like that brings the clouds away before the dreams of peoples

and people should know that fate doesn't really carved in our life, soul, or blood since we were born
fate is just where we were born, when we were born, how we were raised, and what obstacles that we face
there are no such things as born to be in heaven or to be in hell
we can always change fate.
Life is about cause and effect, yin and yang
all hardship today is chances for tomorrow's rainbow

So people fate do change if we are doing right things for better tomorrow

p/s: sorry if you readers don't know what i'm talking about

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Today ...

suddenly posting 2 update today...

Anyway, waiting for my friend to print his work this early morning,
I unwrap the present which we receive yesterday

both book seems very useful
winning the 2nd runner up for Innovation was quite a joy for me
and winning these books will help me learn the action research earlier

Well lets move on, 
after lecture, when to some counseling session
turn out, it was good and relieving 
some "things" were playing in my mind again
something long forgotten 
anyway, looking forward for my second session

Later this evening after sending some papers to the lecturer,
went to the cafe and watch the news
suddenly saw the aunt that I haven't see quite some times
and when I went to buy the drink,
she said that
"uncle will never joke with you, nor chat with you as his time is already come" 
listening those words addresses to me, I felt that she still miss him and suddenly
I feel very sorry to her as I can't say anything
the "condolence" word were so hard to be spoken
and I'm very sorry for that
All I can do is just pray and hope the best for him and his family
As today is the first day of fasting for the Muslims,
Wishing you a happy Fasting month :)

good night :)

Writing in the morning

It suddenly appear to me that I have to write this before I forgot about it :)
Last night or just now, I was dreaming a bad dream ...
although it was a good dream at the beginning
I was very scared to tell her that I broke her things.

A typical me,
broken something doing like nothing
but scared to death actually

well it turns out that is the only thing came out of the head..
but wait,
recently, I feel like I wanna get somebody
to talk with, to share with...
I just need that things..
because I don't recall being me.. :(

But then, I'll have this counseling session
with the counselor today ..
hope it will relief me a little bit

Well, went to toilet just now
and all the idea was gone
with all the "things" haha

Good morning :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

What If

What if today is my last day?

would you be good to me..? 
making sweet memories for me to bring along?

or painful reality to die with

well, make people happy even just for once, 
maybe tomorrow they are the one who make you happy
or pray for you 

I had this weird dream,
people dying around me, 
the best to do is nothing
because I feel I couldn't do anything,
but a dying person that time say this to me,
"Would you like to smile and make some of us happy?"
That brings a lot of goodness actually.. (in my dream)
they die peacefully
and in the purification, the one die peacefully
will make the other calm and peaceful 

a simple smile help a lot,
what IF you help them ...
It sure be better... :)

Make people happy although you may in pain,
because your reward is big in heaven :)

Night people :)

First time lapse.. lol

It been a while since I got the idea of time lapse..
but doing it was never easy.. manually ... even more difficult 
but moving on.. here is the product... 
needs more reading and practicing in future

is the picture moving.? if not.. click the picture or save it as .gif
have a nice weekend people.
Good morning.. :)

more are coming :P

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Long ago, my hobby is..

It been years,
as long as I can remember, 
I have wrote  a few story during my primary school
but then I don't know where did I put it

And during my secondary school, 
it  begin to fade, but still I managed to write some
but then, it happen again, 
I have no idea where did I keep it., 
Its like you keep a treasure without making the map
then for sure it disappear 

Writing was never too lame 
and never too bore
but time and commitment is something hard to gain

During my primary education, 
I myself managed to enter a Japanese Malaysia Education Road show
where my story and my painting is taken and displayed on the exhibition
and taken to the other school too...

Secondary education was just ordinary,
compete on a few contest but never won anything
but I never participate the school competition actually
only participate the non-school contest
Until my last year at the school, 
managed to write something for a writing contest,
but it turns to be a international contest among students around the Asian 
or something like that.
That is the point when I suddenly eager to write again
Listed as the consolation prize receiver,
I never feel like losing
Consolation is still a great work among the Asians

Then again, there were another international level contest coming,
I entered it and didn't win anything,
my friend Maegyvear and I however receive some certificate
and its international, well, it push up my co-curriculum a little bit that year

Well, summing up,
Writing need reading and reading make good writing
in many chances, the early writing is mostly the same with what we read
until times of writing the and reading, we will gain our own style or writing
the punchline is very important but writers frequently use hard words to be decoded. 
well in other words, difficult grammar to be understood by others.
In some case I do it too

Well, people, never give up on your writing,
Good luck :)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Misophobia... anyone.??

Misophonia is Greek meaning an “extreme dislike of sound” and is a term first used by the US scientists Pawel and Margaret Jastreboff in 2001. However, misophonia is not just the dislike of sound. To suffer from it is to avoid the sound or situation by way of using an unpleasant or punishing response.

Misophonia first affects sufferers at a young age, around 10-12. Common trigger sounds are connected with eating and breathing. The reaction starts with the sound and often develops to include actions associated with the sound and even anticipation of those actions. The closer the sufferer is emotionally to the “trigger” person, the more offensive the sound tends to be. The trigger sound can create an overwhelming desire to flee the vicinity of the sound or a desire to do extreme violence to the “trigger person”.

It can be identified when these negative reactions, as a result of exposure to sounds, would not result from a non-sufferer. Symptoms such as discomfort, stress, anger, anxiety and fear become apparent before an emotional outburst.

Some of the sound triggers are soft sounds or eating and bodily noises, such as coughing, breathing, sniffing or snoring. Audio and visual stimuli can also trigger the same reaction. Not every sufferer is affected in the same way or by the same sound. Some may be unaffected or slightly effected by trigger noises that torment others.

Misophonia sufferer’s lives are greatly affected in a negative manner by sounds not significant to other people. It is important to note that it can affect their everyday life and it is not the loudness of noise that is the problem but rather the existence of the noise in the first place. Activities such as driving a car, shopping or mowing the lawn can also be agonising. It can even result in unemployment, reduced social interactions and the breakup of a family.

Misophonia is a newly recognised condition that remains little studied and poorly understood. It is not unusual for patients’ problems to be simply ignored with no help offered. Many GP’s are unaware of the condition and sufferers are often told to “get over it”. Patients lucky enough to be diagnosed have their complaints classified as psychological or behavioural problems and are treated accordingly to this diagnosis.

Do you think you may have Misophonia? Do you find it impossible to sit in the same room as a noisy eater, or someone who continually coughs out loud?

By Clarissa Waldron

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Its Saturday and I'm feeling good

Morning :)
Although its almost noon :p
today, summing up the whole week,
Glad to have many friend
doing so many things in a week
making people feeling weak and tired,
but then, God have send me, 
you,you,you and that's right, its you
people around you and people at your back
God give you present when you wake up
and more when you talk, laugh and cry

Opportunity always come,
not once but times, 
some will be the same while some is not
but it is in your hand
Grab it or let it go with the wind
For the leaving opportunity,
crying over it will never make it come back, 
but sometimes, it will come back

Don't know what I am talking about?
Well, its okay, let me unveil this mystery
Its about "Penyingkiran" or in English, dismissal
the new student prank always make some tears
in time of danger or trouble,
we always save ourselves, but not the other
to think and to act is all for ourselves in that time

some may be good
but people always take advantage on them
them willing to go for the sake of other,
but the self essential people don't know that
the dreams and tears that these humble people let go
well, people, think about the other around you
you may not see, but its happening

well another thins is,
be humble and be strong  ...
Have a happy weekend :) 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just for a week

Somebody is asking me, why not we go for "relationship" for a week
although I already hide it from the timeline,
the like button is hitting high
but it doesn't really matter,

the real thing for now is,
to trick people,
can just easily cancel it,
but then,
if somebody will be happy,
why don't do it?
plus, friend's request hard to fail,

anyway good luck people.. :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Life recently

First of all the only thing I could say
I'm sorry if any of my act and my words
hurt you.
Its never been in my though
to make you hurt or sad or anything bad

Losing my friend, my companion
or anybody is my greatest fear
because you'll never know how to live alone,
emptiness, loneliness
its hurt more than a deep cut on your hand

Let me say this, 
let me say hello to you in smiles
just like day before
and make your laugh,
the greatest song in my ear

There something you couldn't understand
that all this time, I'm just looking for someone,
to hear me and make me feel better
and I've found them, and you is one of "them"
forgive me

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Seven Wonders of the World

Hello there,
I got something to share tonight'
before I called it a day
and end up wrapping myself with my own blanket,
read this and think about it again :)
Here it goes

A group of students were asked to list what they thought were the present "Seven Wonders of the World." Though there were some disagreements, the following received the most votes:

1. Egypt's Great Pyramids 
2. Taj Mahal 
3. Grand Canyon 
4. Panama Canal 
5. Empire State Building 
6. St. Peter's Basilica 
7. China's Great Wall

While gathering the votes, the teacher noted that one student had not finished her paper yet.

So she asked the girl if she was having trouble with her list. The girl replied, "Yes, a little. I couldn't quite make up my mind because there were so many.“

The teacher said, "Well, tell us what you have, and maybe we can help".

"The girl hesitated, then read: "I think the 'Seven Wonders of the World' are:

1. To See... 
2. To Hear... 
3. To Touch...
4. To Taste... 
5. To Feel... 
6. To Laugh... 
7. And to Love.“ 

The room was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. The things we overlook as simple and ordinary and that we take for granted are truly wonderous!

Remember the most precious things in life cannot be built by hand or bought by man.


Friday, June 7, 2013

The Whole Thing

Taken this photo yesterday evening.
Maybe it seems just like an ordinary picture.
But if you take a picture of it everyday, you'll see something different everyday.
And yes, I can see the whole Mount Kinabalu from afar
again, from afar.

In our daily life, 
we always see something from a point 
and straight away make a decision

But all things, if you considered all point, 
although it will not be short
you'll see the real things

In some case,
you'll see the real beauty
In some other case,
you'll know what is really happening
In case of knowledge,
you'll see the whole concept or whole idea

So, think back, 
look at the whole things of something
because you'll never know what the real beauty of it :)
Good morning :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Update Mac to May

where should i start..
em... well I should tell from the last February 
And actually nothing much happened until now

1st phase practicum 
Its hard to be done but luckily
I have many friend to keep me accompany 

with no me inside it...
there were indeed ..good students 
need to be motivated and need some extra attention actually

This time the examination was a little hard 
its not that hard actually,
it just because I haven't done my revision
I just answer the question without knowing there are so many
but its okay, I just hope for the best :)

Kaamatan celebration
Happen before the exam actually but its all month celebration ahaha
Its not once but many times
The last celebration was the last Friday haha
Have a look at these picture

We were also celebrating Mother's day that day haha
and thanks to those who take the pictures because I just watching from afar

That's me
Thanks to the one that take this picture
don't be mistaken,
there are still another person at my other side :)
I don't found me, alone, watching hahhaa

Barnabas Camp

a brief look through the camp
It was a great camp and a good time
meeting new friend, knowing old friend :)
A little talk on God and everything :)

That's me again :p
doing some editing haha
and now 
the end of story :) 
thank you for reading :)

Friday, May 31, 2013

Malay vs Borneo..??? Should be added into textbook ...

Got this from the other blogger ...
People please think rationally and not emotionally 

retreat and think again...
here it begins..

Malay and Dusun
Hi all,

Have you ever think or imagine about the similarities between Malay and Dusun? Come to think about this, the origins of the Malay language has yet to be confirmed by historians. However there is some historical evidence that attempts to link the origins of the Malay language. I’m interested in the origin of native tribes of Borneo or Kalimantan, and has made study via internet and books about tribes and its relation to Austronesian Malayo Polynesian. Language is one of the most important tools in Malay tradition, also known as Austronesian Malayo Polynesian. Many basic words in the language have similarities or close relationship with the native Malay language which has not been influenced by Sanskrit as Southeast Asia which was controlled by explorer from India, or the Arabic language brought by Arab traders, or the Chinese language, Portuguese and many others.

There are researches that suggest about who the real Malay is. Could it be the Borneon?

Here, check this out. 

Melayu Sebenar – Dr Zafarina USM
Perkataan Melayu berasal dari Melayur iaitu istilah suku Malayalam atau Malabar dari India Selatan yang bermakna bukit atau permatang.  Orang-orang Melayur adalah masyarakat asli Nusantara Sumatera (yang berasal dari Pulau Borneo berhijrah ke Sumatera yang menggunakan bahasa asal atau asli Melayu) berkahwin dengan orang-orang Indian Malabar atau Malayalam. Hasil pertembungan dua bangsa dan budaya menghasilkan bangsa Melayur sempena tempat yang dinamakan Melayur dan juga menghasilkan Indianized Kingdom (kerajaan dipengauhi India) yang memerintah ribuan tahun di kepulauan Nusantara.

Dunia Melayu mulai dikenali dengan kewujudan pemerintahan raja-raja kacukan India dan penduduk asli kepulauan nusantara termasuk Sumatera, Jawa, Borneo, Filipina, dan Champa di Vietnam. Kedatangan pengaruh Arab Islam telah menjadikan kerajaan Melayur kerajaan Islam setelah raja-raja orang Melayur memeluk agama Islam.  Bangsa dan pemerintahan raja-raja Melayur akhirnya dikenali sebagai Melayu dan berkembang pesat melalui perkahwinan antara kerabat di raja, perdagangan, peperangan atau penaklukan, dan juga diplomasi atau politik.

Bahasa Melayu yang kita kini kenali berkembang menjadi bahasa perdagangan, diplomasi dan keagamaan di seluruh kepulauan nusantara di mana kerajaan Melayu telah diwujudkan. Bahasa Melayu asal mempunyai persamaan dengan bahasa asli Borneo khususnya Dusun dan Iban. Bahasa Melayu moden adalah 70% bahasa India (Sanskrit) yang digunakan oleh suku kacukan Melayu yang dipengaruhi kemudian oleh bahasa Arab, Cina dan Portugis disebabkan pertembungan budaya antara benua melalui perdagangan di bumi Melayu.

Hari ini istilah Melayu bukan istilah bangsa (race) tetapi etnik (dari segi agama) kerana tidak ada bangsa yang dikenali sebagai Melayu menurut Perlembagaan Malaysia. Seorang Melayu adalah sesiapa yang biasanya mengunakan bahasa Melayu, beraga Islam dan mengamalkan budaya Melayu. Bahasa dan Budaya Melayu adalah termasuk bahasa Sanskrit dan budaya masyarakat India Selatan.

Dalam bahasa Melayu moden, perkataan asal Melayu hanya 30% yang hampir kesemuanya dapat dikesan berasal dari Pulau Borneo. Hampir kesemua raja-raja Melayu di zaman dahulu adalah kacukan India dan tempatan (Sumatera dan Borneo)yang menggunakan bahasa tempatan sebagai bahasa asal diperkayakan dengan bahasa asing. Pada hakikatnya bahasa Melayu sekarang adalah bahasa yang diperkayakan oleh bahasa asing khususnya bahasa Sanskrit sesuai dengan kedudukan sejarah dimana selama 2,000 tahun kepulauan nusantara dipengaruhi oleh India dan Arab.

Istilah masuka Melayu bermakna menjadi sebahagian masyarakat berbudaya tinggi berasaskan budaya India dan Arab. Manusia Pagan atau Kafir dikecualikan dari defininasi ini. Penulis-penulis sejarah Melayu sebenarnya adalah Melayu kacukan tempatan dan Inda seperti Munsyi Abdullah. Raja-raja atau Sultan-Sultan Melayu zaman dahulu menganggap diri mereka keturunan Raja Iskandar Zulkarnain.

Tuntutan ini mempunyai kebenarannya kerana raja-raja Melayur adalah kacukan wanita tempatan dan pembesar-pembesar atau pedagang-pedagang kaya dari India yang seterusnya mungkin keturunan penjajah Greek di India di zaman sebelum masihi.

Hari ini, penulis-penulis Barat telah menjadikan istilah Melayu untuk mengtakrifkan penduduk asli di kepulauan Nusantara sebagai orang-orang Melayu. Ianya tidak lagi bermakna kacukan India dan orang-orang tempatan atau tertumpu kepada pembesar-pembesar negeri. Istilah ini juga dapat diterima sepenuhnya oleh masyarakat serumpun d kepulauan Asia Tenggara/nusantara.

Walau bagaimana pun, isitlah Melayu hanya digunakan setakat istilah akademik. Ianya digunakan secara meluas oleh penyelidik Barat untuk mengenali masyarakat penutur bahasa Austronesian Malayo Polynesian dari Pulau Madagascar Lautan India Afrika ke Pulau Easter lautan Pasifik Amerika Selatan.  Penulis-penulis tempatan juga menulis mengenai kehebatan pelayar-pelayar orang Melayu menjelajah dunia untuk menguasai maritim lautan Hindi dan lautan Pasifik di zaman kuno sebelum Cheng Ho atau Magellan menerokai pelayaran lautan merentasi benua.  Kita juga membaca bahawa terdapat 300 juta orang-orang Melayu di seluruh dunia dan pengaruh orang-orang Melayu menjadikan bangsa Melayu sebagai salah satu bangsa peneroka terbesar lautan luas.

Istilah rumpun melayu sering dikumandangkan seolah-olah ianya suatu kenyataan. Namun hakikatnya, Perlembagaan Malaysia telah memberi pengertian sempit mengenai istilah Melayu. Berdasarkan tafsiran Perlembagaan Malaysia hanya terdapat 25 manusia di seluruh bumi yang dinamakan Melayu. Orang-orang Jawa di luar Malaysia bukan orang Melayu, orang-orang asli Borneo yang pada hakikatnya rumpun Melayu juga bukan Melayu kerana mereka masih bertutur dalam bahasa atau dialek suku masing-masing.

Menurut Perlembagaan Malaysia, bangsa Melayu bukan istilah bangsa tetapi istilah agama dan budaya atau cara hidup. Orang India dan Arab Islam boleh menjadi Melayu. Dalam duia hanya terdapat dua kumpulan besar yang mendefinasikan diri mereka melalui agama dan bukan bangsa. Salah satu ialah Melayu (berdasarkan Perlembagaan Mlaaysia dan yang kedua bangsa Yahudi yang mengelar diri mereka sebagai bangsa Yahudi bukan atas ras (racial classification) tetapi agama Yahudi mereka.

Di negara-negara Arab, suku atau bangsa Arab itu adalah itilah bangsa, bukan agama. Orang-orang Arab yang beragama Kristian akan tetap menjadi orang Arab. Malah sikap orang-orang Arab terhadap orang-orang Arab bukan Islam lebih mulia. Di Palestin, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon,dll terdapat masyarakat Arab Kristian yang menpunyai semangat nasionalisma Arab yang tinggi.

Tafsiran Perlembagaan Malaysia yang sempit menjadikan bangsa Melayu sutu bangsa yang kecil dan tertumpu kepada negara Malaysia. Bagi saya tafsiran Perlembagaan Malaysia meyakinkan saya bahawa Melayu tidak wujud sebelum wujudnya kerajaan pemerintahan India (Indianized Kingdom) di Nusantara. Sejarah Melayu bermula dengan Parameswara dari Palembang yang berhijrah ke Melaka.

Sebelum ini, tidak ada orang Melayu. Yang ada adalah suku-suku asli yang bertutur dalam dialek asli Borneo atau Sumatera atau Jawa, dan lain-lain. Di Borneo suku-suku asli in kini dikenali sebagai suku Dusun/Dayak. Masyarakat Melayu yang kita kenali di Pulau Boneo adalah masyarakat Dusun/Dayak yang memeluk agama Islam atau masuk Melayu.

Negara Brunei berasal dari Atak Batatar yang dipercayai suku Murut atau Dusun Bisaya yang memeluk agama Islam dan memulakan kesultanan Brunei sehingga sekarang. Rakyat Brunei adalah suku-suku tempatan yang telah memeluk agama Islam dan mengubah cara hidup sebagai orang-orang Melayu Islam.

Demikian juga, Malaysia tidak boleh mengatakan bahawa masyarakat Malagasy di Madagascar adaalah orang-orang Melayu. Ii kerana meereka tidak memenuhi syarat-syarat perlembagaan Malaysia. Masyarakat Malagasy sebenarnya berasal dari Pulau Borneo dan bahasa mereka mirip kepada bahsa manyan yang seterusnya mirip kepada bahasa Dusun di Sabah.

Walaua bagaimana pun, tafsiran bahawa Melayu itu Islam dan Islam itu Melayu sebenarnya ada kebenaran. Ini disebabkan ianya bukan isitilah untuk semua penduduk asli di kepulauan nusantara yang dikenali sebagai malayo polynesian. Ianya dalah istiah untuk masyarakat kacukan yang berasal dari Melayur India.

Penduduk asli yang dinamakan malayo polynesian memunyai ciri-ciri mongoloid bukan India walau pun kebanyakannya berkulit gelap sawong. Namun orang-orang Melayu di Malaysia hampir kesemuanya keturunan kacukan India atau Arab yang masih dapat diteliti dalam paras atau kulit penduduk Malaysia sekarang yang mirip India atau Arab – gelap, tinggi lampai, tinggi batang hidung dan bibir nipis dan bentuk kepala yang jelas bukan asli Nusantara.

Kumpulan ini adalah kumpulan cerdik, pintar dan merupakan kelas pemerintah selain menguasai bidang perdagangan negara.

Orang-orang Kelantan dan Kedah adalah di antara suku-suku tempatan yang paling asli, atau suku-suku pendatang seperti suku Bugis, Jawa, Acheh, dan lain-lain yang hampir kesemuanya masih mempunyai ciri-ciri Mongoliod yang jelas.
Kalau nak tahu, siapa melayu sebenar, inilah jawapannya.
Anak Borneo

*Tahukan anda bahasa Dusun/Iban adalah asal usul 30% dari bahasa Melayu moden. Bahasa melayu berasal dari Borneo, bukan Semenanjung Malaysia. Orang-orang Dusun/Dayak berhijrah ke Sumatera dan menjadikan Bumi tersebut tanah mereka. Berkahwin dengan orang India telah melahirkan suku bangsa Melayur atau Melayu. Kerajaan Melayur (Indianized Kingdom) telah memulakan sejarah Melayu.

Ciri-ciri bahasa Melayu kuno:

Penuh dengan kata-kata pinjaman Sanskrit. Susunan ayat bersifat Melayu . Bunyi b ialah w dalam Melayu kuno (Contoh: bulan – wulan). Bunyi e pepet tidak wujud (Contoh dengan – dngan atau dangan). Awalan ber- ialah mar- dalam Melayu kuno (contoh: berlepas-marlapas). Awalan di- ialah ni- dalam bahasa Melayu kuno (Contoh: diperbuat – niparwuat). Ada bunyi konsonan yang diaspirasikan seperti bh, th, ph, dh, kh, h (Contoh: sukhat****ta). Huruf h hilang dalam bahasa moden (Contoh: semua-samuha, saya: sahaya).
dipetik dari
Saya mendapati istilah Melayu kuno amat menarik. Sepeti d atas, bunyi b ialah w dalam melayu kuno.

Contoh bahasa Dusun (Ranau) Sabah:
Bulan /Wulan

Betis /Wotis

Batang /Watang

Batu /Watu
Buloh /Wuloh
Bulu /Wulu
Berat /Wagat

Banyak bahasa Dusun Ranau mirip bahasa melayu kuno
Mata/ mato

Telinga/ tolingo

Hidung /todung

Lidah /dilah
Paha /poo
Siku /siku
Betis /wotis
Darah/ raa
Lengan /longon
Pusat /pusod
Isi /tonsi
Tulang /tulang
Lemak /lunok
Makan /makan
Minum /minum
Bunga /bunga

Buah tua
Dahan raan

Batang watang

Daun roun

Kayu kayu
Tanah tana

Batu watu

Awan tawan

Sawat sawat
Bulan wuan
Itik putik
Pelanduk pelanuk
Buaya buayo
Tikus tikus
Beruang bohuang 
Sesungguhnya, bahasa Dusun Ranau (Borneo) adalah merupakan asal usul bahasa Melayu kuno.

(Dusun Ranau digunakan kerana pengkaji menggunakan orang Ranau sebagai sampel kajian
kalau Dusun Lotud Tuaran yang jadi sampel confirm da guna bahasa Lotud haha)

Any comments? Feel free to express your respond.
Sincerely yours.

Done reading?
I talk you think:)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Updating more like Mandy haha

Yep i'm writing again ... and these picture I bring 
something :) 
and ouw yeah...
some of these picture are taken quite a long time already 
while some are taken just last week hehe

During the beginning of March, during some courses 

Taken almost 26th May .... a few minute before it

Celebrating some birthday ... i miss the moment

This....? Last year maybe. doesn't remember  it well

And this.. In the mist and freezing....

only the first picture take place at Kota Kinabalu
while the other happen to be at Kundasang and the last is at Bundu Tuhan entrance
These picture bring me a lots of memories and the sweet one

Hope to have more like this after this
Need to go :)
Be blessed haha

Monday, May 27, 2013

Lets talk about "when I"

Hello readers, its been a while
sorry for letting this blog full with spider's web
for the first update,
Lets read this interesting ..... idiom/paragraph/article
(well you decide :p)

Does every "I love you" means "I wanna get you"?
For some reason I wrote.. no... I typed it
End up typing this entry with this title

Lets continue,
Does every word have only one meaning?
No, there are homonym too
One word with same spelling and pronunciation but have different meanings
for example, define "bow"
That's your homework

Well next is,
not grammar or anything
Its My rule of language,
and it is generally known as "indirect speech"
please don't copy for any assignment, coursework or anything with marks
because this is not the rule of the language
and simply doesn't give any A

When I say I hate you,
I doesn't really hate you, 
it just my word to hurt you when I'm desperate and angry
Give me time and I will make sure I'll be good with you again,

When I said I hate you,
Think again and ask for forgiveness
Then I surely said I forgive you

When I said I love you,
Please, don't be so mean,
Don't run away from me
It just my way to tell I like your style
I just want to be friend

When I said I love you
Don't leave me because I just need you
Doesn't mean I want you to be mine

When I say I love you,
I just want some attention
because somebody need that attention

When I said I love you,
Yes, I need you in my dark and my light
you're my best friend

Because the regular "I love you" meaning,
would be only two words for
"Be mine"

Please copy and paste
Aldrina Nicholas

Copy Paste ^^
hohoho originally entitled with "be mine" hahaha
after times reading it, 
it seems that it have deep meaning .. deeep .. haha  
well wait for my next update :3

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The good Shepherd

I get this story from a teacher and synchronize it with my experience... 
"a long time ago, before the disease and robberies of buffalo
I used to see my father take care of his buffalo a lot. 
He even name the buffalo with names,
somehow the buffalo always came when he called a name.
the buffalo is very obedient to him as he always there taking care of his buffalo.
he always bring the buffalo near the river 
where there are lots of grass and plenty of water 
so the buffalo can eat and drink.
In times, father bring some of his strongest buffalo to plow the paddy field
after a time he will let the buffalo rest and get another one to continue plowing
Young buffalo sometimes doesn't follow his command, 
so he will hit it wit a rope or cane until the buffalo listen to him
He will then bring the buffalo to eat and to drink in the evening until dusk 
Sometimes when we are out of firewood, father bring a buffalo 
not to big that it can't go though narrow spaces
and not to small until it cannot bring heavy load.
He will pick woods and put it in a chart and when it is full, 
father will ask the buffalo to bring it home alone.
and it always home 
My sister or brother will then take off the load when the buffalo came
Father would be very happy when there is a newborn buffalo
he take care of it very nice
As time goes by some buffalo will get older or became sick
father will always get a way to heal the sick or dying old buffalo,
the were a time he called a veterinarian although it cost almost all of his money
but he is very happy to see the buffalo healing up 
and whenever his buffalo didn't make it or in a harsh word died,
his tears will drop, but he always hide it from us like a typical man 

Then, what is a good shepherd for you?
For me this is what it is, my father in this story is the Father in Heaven 
and the buffalo is me or us
even we were still in the womb, he know us, 
He already name us, and always call us, taking care of us.
whenever we hear Him and obey Him, He were there always, taking care of us
He give us foods and drinks, plenty of them, and it never run out, 
He give us test and works so that He can put us in a rest and comfort for a while, 
Whenever we disobey Him, He struck us with things, such as problems, so that we will listen to Him
and come back to Him. So when we had a problem, big or small, think back, are we listening to Him?
He never give us test that we can't handle, test for us is always fair and with faith and believing, we always gonna make it.
Hearing His voice alone, can bring us back from the deep jungle to home and release the load we carry
He will wait for us with smile during our baptism, because He knew we are coming, as the shepherd see his buffalo is pregnant 
and cry a lot when we left Him, as we died or go into other religion
and He'll do anything to get you back whenever you are gone,
He even sacrifice His only Son  to get YOU
That is a Good Shepherd for me