Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Concerning all the factor

Considering all the factor,
Should I open another blog
just to satisfy my writing desire?
And  if I do, would I have the time and commitment
to write and update the blog then.

up until this moment I am the owner of two blog
my first domain is this, the blog that you're reading right now
and the other one is this
a blog about picture I've captured
giving up is an option but I never see that useful for me
blog that I didn't update doesn't mean I don't like,
it just I don't have the right things to share
So I am Considering another blog actually right now.

and there is another thing that I consider right now,
and my heart is shouting to make it done  ..
but I should wait for the right moment to make it right
That's all for now... merci beaucoup mes amis