Saturday, December 21, 2013

A lot had happen but more are coming

The view at my village

The day will come when we regret the past and hoping for a better tomorrow
but why hesitate? 
Why wait tomorrow for a better day?
Why not today?

A saying once chimed in my eardrums, 
"yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery. Now is present, why not open up your present?"
So people take the chance to see your lucky day present's. 

I wish you to have a good day and good luck in whatever you'll be doing today
Morning :)

P/s: see also this blog... thank you :)

Friday, December 13, 2013

You ... (^^,)

Seeking through the past year
You are just friend
but don't worry 
you are a lovely friend to start with.

But those walks and talks
the "play" and laughs... 
Make me wonder
Would there be any chance..
of you and me

But now it turn out to be
I resist my eager hand from send you messages
I trying to spell "the word" right
and trying to forget you 
above all those things..
I always fail to do that 
like all the time I mean 
ALL the time

But it is indeed a sweet failure
You are precious to me 
because you ...
you are..
"The greatest gift from God to me"

Friday, December 6, 2013

Going out again

Greetings reader(s) 
This holiday went a little bit busy
by events and nothingness

This is the place I wrote before
for those who doesn't have any idea, 
This is the post.. ClickMe

after bringing the camera twice,
without the memory card,
This time
I manage to take a some images

well, its not just these two actually,
it just I too lazy to upload the other picture here..
maybe later or maybe soon

running away from the internet is quite fun sometime
but writing here and there in the web seems quite hard to be left.. 
so, here am I writing about nothing

The main purpose of this update is just to show the picture ..
The first picture to be more precise..
Night readers.. :)