Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How to make a yearly magazine

First of all, I am no good at what am I doing because I never had the chance to do it
but its okay because I've seen how it was made and published through the right way and the opposite of it
So here I am to tell what do I "think" about the yearly magazine
And of course they are many people better than me for sure and have written it anywhere somewhere in the internet

This is an example of a simple magazine

First step :
Building the editor members or a team 

Choosing a leader would be appropriate,
and a vise leader would be necessary in some cases
a wise leader should be able to divide the assignments to the members
and be the last persons who go through the magazine and make any adjustment

Editors should be someone with a good grammar and plenty of vocab
a few editors may be needed if the condition requires

A beautiful magazine amaze readers and doesn't make a book look hideous
a person or two need to design the magazine and make a few templates
templates really help reducing work time
A good designer should able to arrange anything written or any graphics provided

The more the better.
many writers will help reducing individual tasks
it can be a reporting writer or a creative writer
some reporting writers may ask for the report from some organizer's secretary
and make the report interesting
and the creative writers may ask for anyone to write something good and worth reading articles or anything
These writers should be good in writing and less in spelling and grammatical error
Some event or section in the book may need its own  writers

These collectors collect things (writing or any handwork from the communities)
Drawing, comic strips, poems, funny things should be collected
or as long as it is interesting
these collector guys are actually important

Yeah it is so dull with yearly magazine without any pictures

So you can do your magazine with some help in any form from the school/community/organization
money matters for printing and yeah you can shout for help from anyone actually

Make sure he or she don't run away with the money
and make sure he/she can make money

Step 2 : Planning 
Plan what should you have in the magazine

Do discuss what do you need to have in your magazine with the peoples important
-a organization/community/school leaders or the right authorities

Do the tasks distribution

Go make a yearly magazine

Step 3 : Do your work

Do as what you've assign throughout the year
make sure to update the magazine after any event or anything

Step 4 : Editing

After a year or before the production date, edit your magazine 
Make it the best magazine ever and something so important 
or something that can make the magazine better may come at the eleven hour 
so prepare for that

ask for conformation and go print it 


But wait

There are a few taboo in making a yearly magazine 

If the magazine is meant to be for 2014,
NEVER EVER start making it at the third quarter of the year

ALWAYS start a team for the next magazine before the year it should
as example for a 2015 magazine you should have already make the team this year which is 2014

And if you are smoking and thinking about making a magazine,
NEVER think about making the year before's magazine.
When you are in 2014, never think about 2013 because it will be hard

The simplest chart to show how it happen

editor receive, edit and send it to designer and together they do the designing if the editor what it in their own way

writers may get pictures from the photographer and do the writings

collector collects what is needed and what is available

photographer give pictures to writer or designer and sometimes they do the design together

and chief editor will finalize things and leader sometimes the overwrite his finalization

anyway doing a yearly magazine should be ongoing throughout the year 
so that at the end of the year it just some little editing required 
and you'll get one by the end of the year or by the early of the year after

The end
Its not the proper guideline
do read and research more  :)

Monday, December 8, 2014

The End for my education

This end is not the really end to my life.. 
There's lots happen but yet more to come
Words will take days to end... let me just speak through these pictures

Yeah the journey of my education and serving had ended there... 
but I can continue both my serving and education at the new place 

But, you know,
It will never be the same
with faces hard to forget,
warmness where only them can give
love and kindness they've gave

I've holding back my feeling back then 
With no tear drops
But now the heart started to 
bleed and cry 

I'm missing all of them
and I'm missing you all the time  :)