Monday, June 6, 2011

its a long..
long time i had not write anything
this entry this time for a few people
for some reason
for a few reason

about love...
its worth all
or nothing
love may be good or bad..
letting go...
sometimes worth better

note that
your love worthy
when the other give their love in return..

love is quite playful
yet it quite bitterfull too..
trusting somebody with your love
may be a gamble..
they could hold your love forever
or throw it away when they feel it burden them

some say trust is the key
and it is right,
but there are many more key actually..
but trust in God..
you'll find yours
someday soon, eventually..

open your eyes wide
increase your ears range of hearing
look what people are doing
listen what are they saying..
look and hear what you are in them..
you are something..
precious in their heart..
don't ever end up
disbelieving you are unworthy in people eyes..
because in front of me..
you are something..
precious and worthy ..
and in front of God too..

and fourth,
read this story,
if a baby girl born by her mother
named after her father's name
raise up by her parents..

when she grows up,
she meet a guy,
and she loves him..
then she leaves his parents..

but she still lives in the world...
believing all her soul in the guy....
the world still..
make them grow old and dies...

in the end is she belongs to his father or the guy...??
and don't b a fool to say that she is belong to the guy..
she always belongs to her father although she left him for so long..
because his Father never leaves her...

end of entry .. :D