Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Damaged Laptop

Hello everybody
its been a while from the last post
actually there are so many things I wanted to share
but recently the old laptop face some difficulties 
It cannot boot properly and the wireless is automatically turn off
From the first sigh, I think it was the battery or the charger caused it that much 
but then I can confirm a thing, 
it was the viruses.. 

the reason ? 
Its simple, because this is the second time
and to be frank, my instinct said it is from the same computer 
but from different host or how should I make it, it is from different person this time

so the solution is easy (= =)
I need to format it again... 
with the cd which I don't know where.. 
and some appropriate windows

so, It will be some time for me to get you again, thanks