Saturday, April 30, 2011

:::: its saturday :::::

so....whats up with saturday.. @@
nothing actually ^^

just thinking.. wondering...
if my blog must have a new post..
its okay ..

now i realize that its 5 o'clock in the evening already
and my right leg is hurt again =="
just because of jumping out of control during the
"permainan tradisional"
thanks to the team member
you are all just too cool

i would like to talk on something
since people saying this is boring
that is boring
these are the people that
did not learn how to make their life

hey friends
please, make yourself happy
go and play with others
make some people happy
and not just you, you and only you..
because there is nothing bored in this world if
you didn't make it like that

learn how to live a life
play a game
smile during the bitter part..
at least make other happy

i beg you all...
don't make yourself bored..
the world is just too awesome
because it just you, you and only you..
that make yourself bored..

thanks for reading .. :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

this is it...

it's been a while..
anyway.. miss to blog....
so,, this post will be a long...long
POST.. hahaha

hey ... what to say ...
this is the beggar in town
just in front of the Tawau Ambank..
is it their fault..??
maybe not...
their "grandma" is just next to them . .
think by yourself..
i'm no one to judge this..

just a friend actually....
pics taken while waiting for the car
a friend serving for st paul balung..:)
hoping there will be more..
and more people will serve here..

what is this.. ??
this is "my" "hang li po"
want to tell all the reader that last week ...
we play the Puteri Hang Li Po musical...
I just become the sultan...
and i came out just for 2 scene..

and the most XXXXX(emberasing)
moment is when the "samping" went loose
during me.. .dancing on stage..
anyway... thanks for the one who make the "samping"
(this one at the bottom)

then... this week... the minggu pendidikan . ..
monday .. this one... children story telling...
it is a bit of .....
better you see the judge below..
then you know..

not all of them
just a few ... hhaha

i managed to submit all the assignment last this week too... :)

second day..
BBM competition..
lol.... it was interesting... started at 2.30
ended at...... the next day .. =="

this one is one of the
all team manage to complete their BBM
but the marking was so long that they have to continue
the other day..
first day..

second day..

later that evening.... (wednesday)

patrick ...(rain)


practicing the band for the kaamatan...

syl and fringk....

and when the night come...
then digital poster.. B|

the thursday...
the seminar pengurusan emosi..
by the way...
not very fun.. because i went out earlier...

knowing it..

and here i am at town....
very exhausted..
the these are some of the other pics...

some of them is not the kind that love their photo taken but ..
i manage to get it...

after the mass... :)
(holy thursday)

this is friday (Good Friday)

on the way to the church.. :)

the picture at the front

the beau...

the hyper active boy... XD

at Giant (on the way "Home")

that all.. :)
thanks.. for reading :)

think this...
" life is short, appreciate people around you, make them happy, sorry for I have make U sad, I hope I can tell you something, you are worthy for me "

Friday, April 1, 2011

~^ who ^~

napa sa nampak banyak blog
yang pakai mood sedih

lol ..
sa bukan mo ikut tapi memang gini la ni ...
sa bukan mo mengeluh tapi sa mo share jak ..

kenapa mesti mengeluh ..???
bermasam muka...??
suka update status yang teda2..??
mo emo2 .>??
kasi tau 1 dunia yg da nda puas hati..??

fikir la...
kalau kau cakap ko penat..
sepa2 pun penat...
kau sedih ..???
sepa suruh ko nda jadi gembira..
ko busy??
bagi saya 1 nama yang tidak busy..
yang BETUL2 nda busy

aiyo ...
nda pasal2 sa mo ckp pasal urg..
sapa suruh kamu ..

bah 2 jak la....
sa nda suka kamu minta puji .. ..~~
tapi jaga tatasusila bila tempat orang bah ..