Monday, August 16, 2010

think again

i don't wanna lie again
he2 yesterday there is a friend that put her trust in me..
thanks because you trust me..
then... i know now.. if you think you are alone.. then actually you are not..
share my friend share it to others..
and whenever you need a person 2 talk 2.. go and meet somebody
when you are far away from your friend tell him/her... that u miss him/her
when you quarrel with your friend.. tell him/her that you are sorry
that u want to b a good friend again .. admit your fault...
if i just write and you are reading it.. there is useless if u don't do it..
apologize and forgive my friend..
because when you APOLOGIZE and FORGIVE.. you will live a better life.. God bless you .. :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

what to say....

yeah i dont know what to say today actually..
hi8 change the routine,.. i'll try to use both language... or all language that i know in this blog..
haha... just now i read my "anak buah" fb status that says..
sush ka kta bljar tuk mmnta maf dan mmafkan??????????huu
then i started thinking and now..
i think i should share something that is inside me all this time..
lets just create some new peribahsa.,....
it is " rendahkan dirimu serendah najis(taik) dan luaskanlah hatimu seluas langit"
actually b4 this .. i can never forgive anyone.. but then suddenly i made up my mind and change.. i never share this before..

so... how to ask for forgiveness..?? actually it is just go and ask 4 that.. but then ego will never let u go.. i used to be like that long not long ago.. but then .. what is the matter if you ask 4 it.. it will benefits both side actually.. so throw your ego and b as the shit that always look down to himself and always wanted to ask for forgiveness for he is like that.. in tphe other words.. just apologise even if you are not so wrong...

how to forgive...??
just say that you have forgive..
don't put your ego high .. coz ego will never sleep with you when you are 6 foot under the ground..
just say that you forgive he or she or they .. but make sure that they will never do the same again..let your heart b wide as wide as the sky and not the ocean . . look at the sky is he ever say no when the smokes come to him. no .. he never say that .. he just accept it ... think... if he never accept it( the smoke) then the world will be full of smoke..
but the sky accept all the bad things.. and make this world beautiful.. look at the blue sky ..
no blue but black sky if the sky never accept the smoke to enter his body..
so ... why don't you just forgive so that the picture of your live will be more beautiful than you ever see..

since that .. i want to ask.. why don't you apology and why you don't forgive... ???
ops..they just soulless creation of God not like you..
why you don't make yourself better than the shit and better than the sky..??

ask.. and forgive..:)