Thursday, October 24, 2013

Exhausted to the max

Right now 
I suddenly woke up yet still sleepy 
after an hour nap, I cannot go to sleep again
maybe the body is just too exhausted
well sometimes it happen to me, feeling exhausted but can't take some rest
this week is so exhausting, not to tell it loud but just to share

the body had been working from sunrise to sunset and it goes on in the night
such a long preparation for such a short time event 
the big event has finally finish 
but still, tomorrow will be another event, morning and night, 
and in Saturday, there will be two event and I had to lose one because it clash..
anyway another job come to me just a few hour and it will be a hard one

it seems writing can make me sleepy again, 
and the thunder is striking, maybe it will rain tonight
hope so, 
as for life these, I feel wonderful and meaningful 
as the hole is now filled ..

I hope I'll dream a good one... night :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

|Those Scraggy Hand|

And this is the real life situation I'll wanted to write for quite sometimes

Her skinny body and dark skin
maybe is it because of her gene 
Is not about the weather or whatever 
It just she is born dark

But skinny is not really in her gene
she had live in harsh and hard life
losing love of mother in early age, 
taking care of her newborn brother
and maybe back in her house, 
she had to takeover the housework too

Bill Gates once said, 
"If you're born poor, it's not your mistake, but, if you die poor, it's your mistake"
in certain condition, 
this is really true, but now, this girl, 
she doesn't even know,
or honestly she doesn't know it yet
how strong she is to carry such loads

Born in poor family doesn't mean you can't be rich 
but poverty itself, always tie all the poor to its root
and the richness always shed their face, not to help the poor

If and only if 
I have more in this life, 
I'll give the more to those who need
because seeing them life in such life making me wanted to cry
and choked me deep inside

but if you don't move up, who will help them
if you don't be rich who will even look at them

"That skinny little lady, had choked me to tears, but this tears don't even worthy of her burden, there's nothing I can do, but to wipe it away and live this life better, so soon when I'm successful I'l be able to help one"

~~ She Doesn't Know It ~~

I always wanted to lingers beside her
Her lips, her cheek,
Make me wonders every time
What complexion is this,
make me forgot how to forgot
and remembering what not to

Sharing some likes and time,
walks we went through,
talks we enjoyed
moments we shared
The moment I'm without you
is the moment I need you

Now this time, 
Would you be,
will you be, beside me, 
all the time?
Because all I'm thinking of is you

Some poem during my secondary school that somehow I jotted it down :)