Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm Jelous

this is one of my friend's blog
she always talk bout St Bede

how i wish we can do the same thing here..
their community is a well developed
and i think quite active too..

but then this is my place ..
different place have different condition..

thats rite...
St Paul Balung..
a small chapel with a small community
but this small church is growing with a big heart...

this is the third chapel/church that i serve
St Petrus Rasul at my village..
Church of Mary Immaculate at Bukit Padang
and now here..

even with lack of water supply and electricity..
liturgy and mass still held here..
and although most of the community are not local
they are still nice..
there accept us with great heart..

love doesn't look at your race, sex and language
accepting people are noble things
because when you take any type of candy
they are all the same..
because sugar are in them.. :)

now i put my heart here..
to serve Him well
to be close to him more..


Friday, February 18, 2011

bosan bah
ni la gambar yg di kelas
dalam 2 3 hari ni sibuk btl..

tidur bukan la kerana bosan tapi satu keperluan

bukan marah cuma ada sedikit perasaan bosan

trus malam yg semalam ada undian untuk lorong dan turutan acara...
punya banyak yg sa dapat no 8...
paling last..

look .. he may get a better number but it depend on the atlethe
so you must believe in them

sometimes even non living things can make u suffer..

sometimes.. emptiness
will go away by itself

i hope our BIG will go clear
and our atllethe will win
as much as they can get...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

if you take a picture
should let other to see

here is some of them

when a group of flower bind together..
it looks beautiful although it just an ordinary type..

see.... nothing in this world is perfect ...

sometimes.... something just in front your eyes
seems nothing because you are looking at the far side..

sometimes it is there beside the other

but sometimes not...

hehhehe soon i will upload more and more
and more
i mean more
for you to see for us to reflect..
bongok ..
ada bah sa dengar tadi ..
dia ingat dia ada pelajaran ..
dia hebat ..

kamu BODOH
sorry to say but then
you words are just

fool you ..
don't judge people
or more specific..

please ..
be nice
don't look down on other..
don't be a piece of shit

if you want
to advice your race..
tell them only
don't compare and don't make
others as guilty because
the moment you do that
all your Goodness will vanished...

so long...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

~~ loneliness go away ~~

yeah ..
go away .. hehehhe..
actually .. there are something i wanna share
with you readers of course..
it is all about my new companion ..
that i love..
that is a part of me..
~~.. creep ..
straight to the point

Nikon S5100

i give my self almost a whole day
to found a lovely nice camera.
trying to compare it with the other model
and of course from the other brand..
and it not an easy task ..

because i love to have a canon at first
but then ..
after comparing the $$
and the function ..
this is what i wanted to have..

with 12.2 megapixels..
a HD video .. (760)
and many more.. yeah it worth so much for me..
thanks to all..