Thursday, August 29, 2013

Writing During Hard TIme

view from my house (click to enlarge)
So this is the time when I though that life is hard,
Sudden observation making me feel bad,
but still it is me that make it bad...
done all the things, it just my spirit that occur does not in me
maybe it when away searching for something meaningful

So what is so meaningful that my spirit doesn't give a chance to the observation,
#friend #relationship #social #argument #family
when life seems very busy, I still think about these things and forgot about the busy mode

but somehow i hope that I will managed to gain some spirit in the morning and through the day.
Blessed be my day and yours too

Thanks to anyone that make my day :)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rice don't make you FAT

better write this while it still on my mind..

long ago, there's some dialogue of dieting people who doesn't take the rice
and these fact have been there for years because internet was not widely used as for today
and then as the time goes by, I think I should say it here, now and now

"Rice don't make you fat"
in my age of 4 until 12,
there's nothing that i didn't eat,
I'll consume whatever and whenever it happens to be there..
luckily, my body never been so fat....
and those year's diet is simple, rice, fish and some vegetables

it was years when you eat what you grow
and not eat what you buy
searching the buffalo and doing gardening
was one of the routine although not everyday...
but walking around and playing around is my favourite

well, cut the crap,
it started during my 13 and later on,
where boarding school is my second home during that time,
food are prepared and nicely done.
for these early three years,
rice is the only thing I loved so much...
going on the 4th,
I eat same amount of rice but double or even triple
red meat, chicken and the other's
delicious and very tempting


well cut again...
we go straight to the point
or to the main point of this entry
nowadays chicken or cow or anything,
use to have some injection or anything to make it grow bigger
in short time
even vegetables too

therefore, as we eat them,
we will get the same effect too...
hence, people will become bigger in short time

But listen to this, burn more than you eat is always right
from yesterday, today and beyond,
so, burn some of calories today... :)

So, here is something I found on the net,
"eat fish, you'll grow taller,
eat meat, you'll go muscular,
eat fruits, you'll be radiance,
eat vegetables, you'll be healthier,
but if you don't eat rice,
you'll die believing you are fat"
haha night :)