Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I give my hope to God..

Today i have found too many problem... from my friends, my families,
too many until I realize that this world is not beautiful without it.
problem is something that need solution.
People; some strong and some weak.
the strong should help the weak..
I wish there will be no tears of sadness fall down from their eyes..
I wish I could help all of them..but how... ??
I wish that God will help me to help them..
to make all of them will be happy..
God.. help them to be strong..

Friday, April 23, 2010

it is happening again..

why must after years .. I suddenly make peoples arguing by themselves because of me..
it is a bad habits.. and such a stupid things to do..
fool me.. why I must make others mad or sad..
for those that i have make you sad or mad..
i'm very sorry... i never though that this..
is happening again... sorry... its my fault..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

how about this

if you miss me.. and if it hurting you... how if i don't say a word..
maybe it can make you not missing me anymore..
for the some people.. just let them ...
soon they will be quiet as quiet as in grave..
just go ..live you ordinary world... but take care.. cause ..
i still keep my feeling..:)

something isn't right

am i a weak person..??
am i a bad person..??
am i a lazy bud..??
no... it just there is something going in my mind that
never make my mind satisfied and
never make me relax..
it just like .. i am not who i am ...
for the past weeks..

Thursday, April 15, 2010


its hard to explain ...
but this is the truth..
i wanted you very much ..
but, i never have the braveness to tell you so..
but, wait
soon, i will say it.. just wait

Sunday, April 11, 2010

just 4 fun.. last yeAR IPG choir..

please God help me

baru sekarang dapat menulis balik..
musim yang sibuk memang sedang bejalan,
hati dan perasaan kena kuat, mental mesti bertahan,
tapi ada perkara yang tidak dapat kita tanggung sendiri,
kalaupun kita kuat, kita masih perlu sesuatu untuk menolong kita.

  1. Tuhan selalu ada di sisi kita, menolong bila kita perlu dan dalam masa yang kita rasa tidak perlu pun sebenarnya Tuhan ada di sisi kita.
  2. Kasih sayang daripada orang lain, kita perlu kasih sayang. bukan setakat daripada keluarga, tapi daripada kawan2 yang lain juga. kasih sayang tidak bermakna cinta, tapi cinta itu adalah kasih sayang.
  3. Kejujuran; daripada pengalaman saya, kejujuran itu penting. walaupun sukar, adalah lebih senang jika kita berterus terang. walaupun kadang-kadang kita terpaksa menipu demi sesuatu kebaikan.. kejujuran adalah lebih manis.
  4. keihlasan; jika kita membantu dengan hati yang tidak ikhlas, adakah kita tidak membantu sebenarnya..?? tidak, apabila kita membantu, kita telah membantu walaupun bukan dengan ikhlas. Takkan kita tidak membantu bila kita tidak ikhlas..? tapi keihlasan 2 dikatakan lebih baik kerana hati kita akan membantu dengan sepenuhnya dan apabila kita membantu dengan ikhlas, bantuan yang kita akan beri adalah yang terbaik.